8.5 x 11 Scrapbooking?

So I’m new to this size and I want to share my adventure using it with you. First off, why use this size of layout? For me this came down to several reasons, in no particular order.

  • Scrapping myself more often means I have fewer photos and need less “real estate” on my layouts.
  • This size product is so easy to find and doesn’t hold a specialty item price tag (think binders and page protectors available at any office supply store.)
  • They can still fit in 12×12 albums if I don’t stick solely with this size or if I find it isn’t really working for me.
  • I’m exploring more hybrid by printing my own pattern papers and I don’t have a wide format printer (that pesky budget thing again)
  • This size album sits nicely on a shelf along side my 12×12 albums. I’ve explored other smaller sizes (6×6, 6×8) and the type-A side of me hated those albums squatting awkwardly on a shelf next to a jumbo 12×12 album.
  • Using that much less paper and plastic is that much more environmentally friendly. I know my hobby is a resource hog and is by no means environmentally friendly. But the whole reduce part of the r”educe, reuse, recycle” mantra is one I can focus on now. I’m already good at the “recycle” part, and the “reuse” part will have to be tackled another day.

There are some drawbacks to this size, but I’ll hold those thoughts for another post as I’m sure the list will grow over time! For now, here are a few of this size that I have done so far. Stay tuned for May 22 when I can reveal a new one that I made as a guest designer.

The one of the left is the most recent and I have a process video up for it. I’ll admit that this one could have used more real estate space but since I was using hybrid and printing my own, this is what I ended up with. In person it looks less crowded, but online I can see it is a very busy page! But that is me anyway, so I’ll go with it. The funny thing… they ALL have hidden journaling. So again, that real estate thing is rearing up. Hmm. Things to think about.

I’m curious to know how you feel about scrapbook sizes? What do you use now? Have you had any thoughts on other sizes? Let me know.

Contest entry

I have some posts coming soon on my recent CKC convention. In the mean time I’m posting as part of a giveaway that Scrapbook.com is having. I don’t normally spread company promotions but in this case I will. The random contest is to win 1 of 5 die cutting packages. Each package includes a Sizzix machine and a selection of dies all worth $500.

I already own a a Sizzix and a nice selection of dies. I’m not entering this contest for myself. If I win I will donate the products to my kids alternative, non-profit school. I teach a card making class there and the kids love playing with the gadgets!

Go check out the contest at https://gleam.io/crlHz/sizzix-2500-5-winner-ultimate-giveaway.


Blue and Yellow!

I have been following all the news coming out from the winter CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) 2012 event this past week. I’m always excited to see what is new and hot. Even though I am not a particularly trendy person, I do like new ideas and get bored of the stale trends. I have followed the news at Scrapbook Update as well as at Write.Click.Scrapbook. I also just found coverage of CHA from Paper Crafter’s Corner. You should check all of them out and see what their coverage was like!

I especially enjoyed the Write.Click.Scrapbook coverage as they laid out some of the trends happening at the show. I’d like to point out a trend that I noticed that I didn’t see anyone else mention and that is the blue/aqua and yellow color scheme.

Studio Calico‘s Take Note collection is sporting aqua, blue and yellow along with some neutrals and a bit of green.

Photo Credit: Studio Calico

And Authentique also is clearly defining blue and yellow in their Genuine collection.

Photo Credit: http://papercrafterscorner.com/

Tori Spelling is releasing a line of jewelry with Darcie and she even is sporting some yellow and blue.

Photo Credit: May Flaum for Scrapbook Update

And Claudine Hellmuth is also rocking the blue and yellow

Photo Credit: May Flaum for Scrapbook Update

How about Lilly Bee’s Buttercup line?

Photo Credit: http://papercrafterscorner.com/

And one more from you is My Mind’s Eye Dilly Dally.

Photo Credit: My Mind's Eye

I’m sure I could find more examples, but I think you get the point. The reason I am noticing all this new blue and yellow is because that is exactly the color scheme I just painted my new laundry room! We had the laundry room constructed in our basement last month in order to move the washer and dryer out of the garage. I now have a whole room with pretty colors and a folding table. Previously, the laundry would just be dumped on our bed, or more likely just piled up in baskets on our bedroom floor. I’m glad to have a new space for organizing this daily chore. Check it…

Because it is still under construction the utility sink has not yet been installed. The sink is a wonderful addition to our laundry setup which will now allow me to wash all my messy craft stuff right next to where I work! In the past I had to drag everything up from the basement and wash it in the kitchen sink. It really prevented me from doing too many messy things because I didn’t want to do the cleanup! That will change now. The other great thing about this area is that I will have a little better organization for my sewing projects. As you can see in the photo below the folding table can double as a fabric cutting table.

I have plenty of room to store tubs of fabric under the table. And there is room to open up the ironing board right next to an electrical outlet where I can plug in an iron to iron my seams and hems. That will make for tidier projects! See that fabric on the table? It is for three sets of curtains. One large set will cover up the plumbing area/storage closet that was built behind the new washer/dryer wall. I also bought enough to add little curtains to each of the laundry room windows. I was excited to take my paint chips to the fabric store and find a pretty nature print that used my blue and yellow color scheme!

So, what do you think about blue and yellow?

Happy Spring!

Easter Eggs straight from our hens bunny.

I hope you are enjoying this time of year. I have to admit that spring is my least favorite time. It comes after a long wet winter. And just continues to be cold and wet when I am aching for some sun and warmth. Then it (the huge tease of a spring) will throw in a few days of just what I need, only to yank it away again and replace it with more cold and wet. All the way into June. So, no, spring isn’t my favorite. I have to really hang on to the little joys. My fresh, home grown, naturally colorful eggs being one of my spring joys. What are your spring joys?

(BTW, I have all the usual excuses for being AWOL, for any that actually ready my blog consistently. I’m hoping to be back next week with more projects for you.)

Unexpected Scrap supplies

So I found a source of unexpected craft supplies. My kids got gift certificates for Christmas for American Science & Surplus. While my kids were browsing their catalog I noticed a link that said “Arts & Crafts”. Ooh that looked interesting. And boy was it. I explored the arts and crafts section as well as several other sections. I came away with typical craft supplies such as paint brushes and buttons. But I also found some interesting supplies. I discovered a large roll of magnet strip for all those magnet projects. There was a baggy of ball-chain both for storing items and for hanging displays. I was also excited to find mini bristle burshes that I hope to use to unclog Glimmer Mist bottles.

But there were tow real scores for me. I found a roll of cork 12″ x 36″ for just $3. This sheet is perfect for punches, dies or even the cricut! And did you notice that little easel and all those little canvases? How dang cool is that. The package came with 10 small canvases in varying sizes and that easel for $9.50. I see my future full of paint!

Go ahead and check out American Science & Surplus you just may find something you can’t live without.

Birthday Snow

We haven’t had more than a dust of snow this winter, which has been a big disappointment. We always look forward to at least one nice blanket of snow each year. So when we woke up this morning, on my daughter’s ninth birthday, to find a fluff of snow we were all happily surprised. Birthday snow! It isn’t a blanket but it sure is better than the whole-lot-of-nothing we’ve had this winter! And it made a great photo op.

I won!

I’ve been having a bunch of fun these past couple of weeks playing along at The Paper Variety blog. And this week I won their (random) weekly prize for entering the inspiration challenge with my friend card. It was a $50 gift certificate to Crop Chocolate. I’ve peeked into Crop Chocolate a few times but never decided to order anything. Well, now I will give them a try and let you all know how it goes.

In the meantime, you should go over and check out The Paper Variety blog. It is a cozy place. And you just might win something too!

Decisions, decisions

February is looking like a choice filled month in my craft life. I’ve come across at least 4 events for February that have caught my attention.

  1. Big Picture Classes: Embrace Imperfection by Karen Grunberg. Free. I’ve told you all that I already signed up for this one.
  2. Big Picture Classes: Creative Retreat by May Flaum. $25. I just signed up for this one.
  3. Big Picture Classes: Got Paint? by Emily Falconbridge. $25. I have so been wanting to play with more paint. But with what I already have on my plate for February I’m not going to sign up for this one just yet. If I’m feeling energetic by the time the class starts (toward the end of February) then I will likely give it a go.
  4. Layout A Day by Lain Ehmann. I’ve done this one-layout-per-day challenge once before. It was challenging and rewarding all at the same time. I would like to do it again but I’m not sure February is the right month for me this time.

So check out all of these events and see if any of them are right for you. And just so you know, if you visit the Paperclipping website, they currently have a 10% off coupon for BPC classes!

New-to-me Cricut shop

My daughter wants a Sponge Bob birthday party for her fourth birthday. So I sat debating whether or not I wanted to buy a Sponge Bob Circut cartridge to decorate up the house for the party. I looked around to see what deals I could find. And at the cheapest — $40 I decided to skip it. Then that evening I came across a blog announcing a Cricut cartridge sale at CricutMachine.com. I’ve never shopped there so I didn’t know what to expect. The cartridges were $16.95 apiece on sale and they had all of the ones on my wish list on sale too. So I ordered Sponge Bob (and a few others). I placed my order on the 4th and it arrived on the 11th. So that was 7 days (only 5 business days). I was happy with shipping speed, happy with cartridge prices and happy with shipping cost. All in all I will recommend this shop and plan on heading there first for my next Cricut purchase.

(P.S. Rumor has it that this shop and one or two others are actually run by Provo Craft and operate on Ebay under yet other names. With the prices they have on cartridges I can’t imagine a separate business being able to pull a profit. After doing a little research, I’ve seen the “they definitely are Provo Craft” and “they definitely are NOT Provo Craft.” So, who knows.)