8.5 x 11 Scrapbooking?

So I’m new to this size and I want to share my adventure using it with you. First off, why use this size of layout? For me this came down to several reasons, in no particular order.

  • Scrapping myself more often means I have fewer photos and need less “real estate” on my layouts.
  • This size product is so easy to find and doesn’t hold a specialty item price tag (think binders and page protectors available at any office supply store.)
  • They can still fit in 12×12 albums if I don’t stick solely with this size or if I find it isn’t really working for me.
  • I’m exploring more hybrid by printing my own pattern papers and I don’t have a wide format printer (that pesky budget thing again)
  • This size album sits nicely on a shelf along side my 12×12 albums. I’ve explored other smaller sizes (6×6, 6×8) and the type-A side of me hated those albums squatting awkwardly on a shelf next to a jumbo 12×12 album.
  • Using that much less paper and plastic is that much more environmentally friendly. I know my hobby is a resource hog and is by no means environmentally friendly. But the whole reduce part of the r”educe, reuse, recycle” mantra is one I can focus on now. I’m already good at the “recycle” part, and the “reuse” part will have to be tackled another day.

There are some drawbacks to this size, but I’ll hold those thoughts for another post as I’m sure the list will grow over time! For now, here are a few of this size that I have done so far. Stay tuned for May 22 when I can reveal a new one that I made as a guest designer.

The one of the left is the most recent and I have a process video up for it. I’ll admit that this one could have used more real estate space but since I was using hybrid and printing my own, this is what I ended up with. In person it looks less crowded, but online I can see it is a very busy page! But that is me anyway, so I’ll go with it. The funny thing… they ALL have hidden journaling. So again, that real estate thing is rearing up. Hmm. Things to think about.

I’m curious to know how you feel about scrapbook sizes? What do you use now? Have you had any thoughts on other sizes? Let me know.

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