Hello. I’m Misty Murphy. Thanks for visiting my blog! Crafting makes me happy and sharing my creations makes me even happier. I craft things from sewing to gardening to food. But my main love is scrapbooking and card making and you will see mostly that here.

I started making cards shortly after I got married. I began with the old Print Shop Deluxe computer software and moved on from there. I began scrapping in 1999 when my first child was born. And boy, have I learned a LOT since then! Everything I have learned about design, I have learned “on the job”. And as I learn more, feel more confident in what I am doing, I seek to know more. Working on improving my drawing, water coloring and now YouTube skills keep my creative mind going.

Psst… Here is a confession: I am not naturally talented & artsy. I’ve had to work at it and I work at it because I enjoy it. Making lovely things makes me happy. You will see some pretty things here and you will see some less than spectacular items. I’m keeping it real.

On a more personal note, I have been married to my husband for 25 years. We have three kids, ages 20, 17 and 12. I’ve been a SAHM since the kids were born and have homeschooled the kids from day one. Our educational philosophy is that learning is all around, you just have to pay attention! We have lived our lives in that very way. In fact that is how I became a paper crafter in the first place. I’ve used the information around me to grow my skills and I hope the information I share will now help you grow your skills.

I hope you find some inspiration here! Thanks so much for visiting and getting to know me a bit better.

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