Blue and Yellow!

I have been following all the news coming out from the winter CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) 2012 event this past week. I’m always excited to see what is new and hot. Even though I am not a particularly trendy person, I do like new ideas and get bored of the stale trends. I have followed the news at Scrapbook Update as well as at Write.Click.Scrapbook. I also just found coverage of CHA from Paper Crafter’s Corner. You should check all of them out and see what their coverage was like!

I especially enjoyed the Write.Click.Scrapbook coverage as they laid out some of the trends happening at the show. I’d like to point out a trend that I noticed that I didn’t see anyone else mention and that is the blue/aqua and yellow color scheme.

Studio Calico‘s Take Note collection is sporting aqua, blue and yellow along with some neutrals and a bit of green.

Photo Credit: Studio Calico

And Authentique also is clearly defining blue and yellow in their Genuine collection.

Photo Credit:

Tori Spelling is releasing a line of jewelry with Darcie and she even is sporting some yellow and blue.

Photo Credit: May Flaum for Scrapbook Update

And Claudine Hellmuth is also rocking the blue and yellow

Photo Credit: May Flaum for Scrapbook Update

How about Lilly Bee’s Buttercup line?

Photo Credit:

And one more from you is My Mind’s Eye Dilly Dally.

Photo Credit: My Mind's Eye

I’m sure I could find more examples, but I think you get the point. The reason I am noticing all this new blue and yellow is because that is exactly the color scheme I just painted my new laundry room! We had the laundry room constructed in our basement last month in order to move the washer and dryer out of the garage. I now have a whole room with pretty colors and a folding table. Previously, the laundry would just be dumped on our bed, or more likely just piled up in baskets on our bedroom floor. I’m glad to have a new space for organizing this daily chore. Check it…

Because it is still under construction the utility sink has not yet been installed. The sink is a wonderful addition to our laundry setup which will now allow me to wash all my messy craft stuff right next to where I work! In the past I had to drag everything up from the basement and wash it in the kitchen sink. It really prevented me from doing too many messy things because I didn’t want to do the cleanup! That will change now. The other great thing about this area is that I will have a little better organization for my sewing projects. As you can see in the photo below the folding table can double as a fabric cutting table.

I have plenty of room to store tubs of fabric under the table. And there is room to open up the ironing board right next to an electrical outlet where I can plug in an iron to iron my seams and hems. That will make for tidier projects! See that fabric on the table? It is for three sets of curtains. One large set will cover up the plumbing area/storage closet that was built behind the new washer/dryer wall. I also bought enough to add little curtains to each of the laundry room windows. I was excited to take my paint chips to the fabric store and find a pretty nature print that used my blue and yellow color scheme!

So, what do you think about blue and yellow?

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