Happy Spring!

Easter Eggs straight from our hens bunny.

I hope you are enjoying this time of year. I have to admit that spring is my least favorite time. It comes after a long wet winter. And just continues to be cold and wet when I am aching for some sun and warmth. Then it (the huge tease of a spring) will throw in a few days of just what I need, only to yank it away again and replace it with more cold and wet. All the way into June. So, no, spring isn’t my favorite. I have to really hang on to the little joys. My fresh, home grown, naturally colorful eggs being one of my spring joys. What are your spring joys?

(BTW, I have all the usual excuses for being AWOL, for any that actually ready my blog consistently. I’m hoping to be back next week with more projects for you.)

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