New-to-me Cricut shop

My daughter wants a Sponge Bob birthday party for her fourth birthday. So I sat debating whether or not I wanted to buy a Sponge Bob Circut cartridge to decorate up the house for the party. I looked around to see what deals I could find. And at the cheapest — $40 I decided to skip it. Then that evening I came across a blog announcing a Cricut cartridge sale at I’ve never shopped there so I didn’t know what to expect. The cartridges were $16.95 apiece on sale and they had all of the ones on my wish list on sale too. So I ordered Sponge Bob (and a few others). I placed my order on the 4th and it arrived on the 11th. So that was 7 days (only 5 business days). I was happy with shipping speed, happy with cartridge prices and happy with shipping cost. All in all I will recommend this shop and plan on heading there first for my next Cricut purchase.

(P.S. Rumor has it that this shop and one or two others are actually run by Provo Craft and operate on Ebay under yet other names. With the prices they have on cartridges I can’t imagine a separate business being able to pull a profit. After doing a little research, I’ve seen the “they definitely are Provo Craft” and “they definitely are NOT Provo Craft.” So, who knows.)

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