Unexpected Scrap supplies

So I found a source of unexpected craft supplies. My kids got gift certificates for Christmas for American Science & Surplus. While my kids were browsing their catalog I noticed a link that said “Arts & Crafts”. Ooh that looked interesting. And boy was it. I explored the arts and crafts section as well as several other sections. I came away with typical craft supplies such as paint brushes and buttons. But I also found some interesting supplies. I discovered a large roll of magnet strip for all those magnet projects. There was a baggy of ball-chain both for storing items and for hanging displays. I was also excited to find mini bristle burshes that I hope to use to unclog Glimmer Mist bottles.

But there were tow real scores for me. I found a roll of cork 12″ x 36″ for just $3. This sheet is perfect for punches, dies or even the cricut! And did you notice that little easel and all those little canvases? How dang cool is that. The package came with 10 small canvases in varying sizes and that easel for $9.50. I see my future full of paint!

Go ahead and check out American Science & Surplus you just may find something you can’t live without.

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