Goodbye February

Looking at the blog today I realized I haven’t posted since February began. I am going to give myself a pass since this has been a particularly busy month. And while I’m here I will just recap for you all that has been happening in my crafty world.

First off I’ve got a new position on the Creative Team for! My first blog post on the love of learning scrappy techniques is now available. ScrapHappy is a membership based scrapbooking group. On offer are big events like the Layout A Day challenge as well as several monthly live stream events. With a focus on connection and education, it is a great group to be a part of. You can learn more about the group by visiting the website. They also have a few free public events that include Calvinball (a wacky scrappy challenge), Scrapbook Live (live crop time – check out February’s crop) and a few other fun things. So you can try before you buy so to speak.

Noticed I mentioned the LayOut A Day challenge – also known as the LOAD challenge. Well that is happening right now. This challenge is included with membership but available for separate purchase for non-members. While we are wrapping up February now, the next challenge is in May and you may want to join us. So anyway, I’ve been staying busy keeping up with that project. I even ran out of printed photos! I had to bust my butt to get more photos ready to go.

Below you’ll see a gallery of every layout I made this month. And I confess to get through this project I do add in digital layouts – Project Life app on my phone and a couple of Photoshop layouts on my laptop. You can scroll past the photos to see what I’ve been up to on YouTube.

In other news here is a rundown of what happened on my YouTube channel this month…

Whew. I’ve been busy! I will be back next month with a similar schedule but of course all new projects. Hope you have an artful day!

Final LOAD posts

Okay, after a very busy weekend and then the stomach flu, I am finally feeling up to getting the last of my LOAD layouts posted. I’ve got all digital layouts for you this post.  Four of the 5 are duplicate layouts in a series and are easily reproducible in paper form. Hope you get some inspiration. Enjoy.

Day 27, 28, 29, 30. A series from our unschooling conference. It was four days of joy, thoughtfulness, activity, exhaustion, connections, energy, learning and so much more. It really is an emotional ride that extends beyond a learning philosophy and into a living philosophy.

Day 31: And at the end of the weekend this was how I felt.

LOAD Day 24 to 26

I’ve got a very busy weekend ahead of me. Our family is going to our annual unschooling conference. It is an exhilarating and exhausting 5 days! I thought I would post the last few days LOAD project before all the activity gets under way for us tomorrow.

Day 24: Our homeschool science fair. This was the first one and we hope to make it an annual event.

Day 25: A camping trip from last fall. I made my own photo collage template and fit 34 photos on my layout!

Day 26: I’ve had these duck stickers for a long time and finally had a chance to use them. I used the cricut with center point function turned on to cut circles out of my photos and matted with circles 1/4″ larger. I paired some more elegant paper with the cuter duck stickers. I think the balanced worked well.

LOAD Day 19 to 23

I think I’m in the home stretch now. I have a weekend event this last weekend of LOAD, so I am a bit worried about getting the last few days in on time. I’m hoping to plan some of my own digital templates by Thursday so that I can just throw in my photos from the weekend event and get them posted. We’ll see how it goes! And now for the last few days’ layouts…

Day 19: I was hoping with LOAD to get a slew of older project ideas completed. Alas, I’ve found myself immersed in the present. I did manage for day 19 to get an old Christmas story told. I’m hoping these last couple of days will bring more older stories.

Day 20: Digital layout. (Recipe: stitching: Michelle Coleman (Bohemian Summer); bow: Carrie Stephens (Gypsy Dancer); metal circles: Misty Murphy (I’ll post them to the freebies section later)). I used some scans of my baby stuff that my parents sent me for my birthday. I’m so very happy to have these things.

Day 21: I just love the angle of this photo. It pretty much speaks for itself. I didn’t have to do too much extra to this page.

Day 22: Digital (Recipe: fonts: Stampin Up (Girly Girl), Desdemona; ribbon, pattern papers: Atomic Cupcake; flower: Dani Mogstad; photo frames: Misty Murphy (I’ll post these to the freebies section as well)).

Day 23: And today’s layout… This layout was bombing big time when I started it. I had stamped the squares around the edges and meant to evenly space them to fit all 25 on the border. Didn’t work. Then my advent title was small and very blue all by itself. When I was sorting through my stash I dropped some photo corners and a light bulb when on. I could use those corners as arrows to spruce up my title block. That lead to more arrows through the page and I pulled in the blue from the title to carry it through the layout better. Then threw in some other embellishments to support the theme a little more. I was pleased it ended up looking like a game board, say a version of Candy Land. And I saved a layout from what could have been a tragic end.

LOAD layouts Day 10 to 18

I thought I would get these posted sooner, but again no such luck. Just getting in a layout everyday is proving challenging!

LOAD Day 9: Worked on the Week In The Life project put on by Ali Edwards.

LOAD Day 10

LOAD Day 11

LOAD Day 12

LOAD Day 13

LOAD Day 14: I worked on both Day 6 and Day 7 on this day and only uploaded Day 7 for LOAD.

LOAD Day 15

LOAD Day 16: A challenge — to do something you never do. For this page I did the things I never normally do, like…

  • printing photos straight from my printer without being edited and cropped
  • use bold color schemes
  • use tons of embellishments

LOAD Day 18: Reflecting on becoming one year older and what it means to be a “grown up.”

Thoughts on Digital Scrapping

I consider myself a hybrid scrapper. My photos are almost always touched by Photoshop Elements before being printed (at home with my HP portable photo printer). I may crop, remove red-eye, add text or play with some color adjustments. It makes me happy to be able to manipulate and print my photos. I feel I have a lot of flexibility with my photo sizes and colors.

At times I will play all digital. I find it fun to use and reuse digital elements. I like to resize and sometimes reshape embellishments. And of course special effects like fading one element into another just can’t be done traditionally. Yet, as much as I like the flexibility of digital, I know I will always be a paper girl.

I just need to TOUCH things. I need to feel the papers, apply the glue and punch the shapes. I like to feel the lump of that button and the fuzz of the flock. I like to twist and turn the page to see how the glitter sparkle changes with the light. Oh, I am so addicted to paper and other goodies.

Digital is so much more environmentally friendly, but nothing can replace the human friendly need for touching things! So go out and touch your paper!

Scrapbook about YOU!

I am often not in photos because I am too busy being behind the camera. The ones I am usually in are blurry photos of the top of my head that my kids take. Not how I want to remember myself years down the road! And when I am gone I don’t want these to be the only reminders my kids have left of me. Because of that I keep a small scrapbook just about me.

The book is small. It is a 6×6 ring album. It is not added to often but what I do add is about what I am feeling in the moment. While some of the pages in it are far from serious, like the layout about my gall bladder surgery, what matters is that I am keeping track of things in my life that impact me. My kids will be able to look back at these things later and get a perspective on their mom that perhaps wasn’t there for them before.

I encourage you to scrap about yourself. Please post a comment with a link to a page about yourself! I’d love to see what others are doing to preserve their own story.

Here are some samples layouts from my album. These happen to be all digital. Because my album is only 6×6 I can easily print the layouts out on 8.5×11 photo paper and tuck them into my album.