LOAD Day 19 to 23

I think I’m in the home stretch now. I have a weekend event this last weekend of LOAD, so I am a bit worried about getting the last few days in on time. I’m hoping to plan some of my own digital templates by Thursday so that I can just throw in my photos from the weekend event and get them posted. We’ll see how it goes! And now for the last few days’ layouts…

Day 19: I was hoping with LOAD to get a slew of older project ideas completed. Alas, I’ve found myself immersed in the present. I did manage for day 19 to get an old Christmas story told. I’m hoping these last couple of days will bring more older stories.

Day 20: Digital layout. (Recipe: stitching: Michelle Coleman (Bohemian Summer); bow: Carrie Stephens (Gypsy Dancer); metal circles: Misty Murphy (I’ll post them to the freebies section later)). I used some scans of my baby stuff that my parents sent me for my birthday. I’m so very happy to have these things.

Day 21: I just love the angle of this photo. It pretty much speaks for itself. I didn’t have to do too much extra to this page.

Day 22: Digital (Recipe: fonts: Stampin Up (Girly Girl), Desdemona; ribbon, pattern papers: Atomic Cupcake; flower: Dani Mogstad; photo frames: Misty Murphy (I’ll post these to the freebies section as well)).

Day 23: And today’s layout… This layout was bombing big time when I started it. I had stamped the squares around the edges and meant to evenly space them to fit all 25 on the border. Didn’t work. Then my advent title was small and very blue all by itself. When I was sorting through my stash I dropped some photo corners and a light bulb when on. I could use those corners as arrows to spruce up my title block. That lead to more arrows through the page and I pulled in the blue from the title to carry it through the layout better. Then threw in some other embellishments to support the theme a little more. I was pleased it ended up looking like a game board, say a version of Candy Land. And I saved a layout from what could have been a tragic end.

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