LOAD layouts Day 10 to 18

I thought I would get these posted sooner, but again no such luck. Just getting in a layout everyday is proving challenging!

LOAD Day 9: Worked on the Week In The Life project put on by Ali Edwards.

LOAD Day 10

LOAD Day 11

LOAD Day 12

LOAD Day 13

LOAD Day 14: I worked on both Day 6 and Day 7 on this day and only uploaded Day 7 for LOAD.

LOAD Day 15

LOAD Day 16: A challenge — to do something you never do. For this page I did the things I never normally do, like…

  • printing photos straight from my printer without being edited and cropped
  • use bold color schemes
  • use tons of embellishments

LOAD Day 18: Reflecting on becoming one year older and what it means to be a “grown up.”

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