TEMPLATE Mystery Box Monday is back!

Hello, hello! I am excited to bring back my Mystery box Monday series. I did this series back in 2020 and since it did not get a lot of views back then I had retired it. But I missed it! This project was just some weird creative fun and I am happy to be back to it.

So, what is Mystery Box Monday? I have a “grab-bag” style box of supplies that I purchased from Piece Craft Love as part of a clearance sale back in Dec ’22. Since the box is a grab-bag, that means all the supplies in the box are a mystery. Who doesn’t like a good mystery? The box comes at a steep price reduction because the supplies are unknown. Does that make the box worth it? We will find out!

I’m going to reach into this box and pull out three items. Much like that cooking show with the mystery basket ingredients, I have to put those items to use on one crafty project. Will these ingredients work together? Or will it be a recipe for disaster? Let’s find out…

Here is a peek at the mystery items I pulled out of the box this time around: A metal stencil doodling set, a zoo themed chipboard set from Graphic 45, and Echo Park travel themed rosettes.

Several thoughts ran through my mind as I looked at these.

  • Travel + zoo themes? Hmm.
  • Graphic 45 is not my go-to.
  • Cool metal stencils. Those are easy to use. Maybe I could to embossed impressions with them?
  • Can I remove the chipboard pieces from the rosettes? That would mostly eliminate the travel theme?

That final thought is where I started my project. If I could just have simple rosettes then they would become more flexible in style usage. Once that was done, they reminded me of flowers which goes with the butterfly stencil. The buttons on the Graphic 45 Chipboard could be used to give new centers to the rosettes to take them off in their own direction.

Okay. Flowers and butterflies. Now what? My train of thought led down a path that landed on making a batch of Easter cards for a senior meal program that I made cards for last year. Now is a good time to get started. So off I went with the supplies.

I ended up using spray mist through the petal-like stencil to give my rosettes more of a floral foundation; though in the end much of the imagery was covered up! Still I think that background foundation gave these cards more interest. Now using more than just a couple tiny pieces from the chipboard felt more honest to the spirit of this Mystery Box Monday challenge, so I popped up my easter greeting on chipboard tags. I used tags with florals. I also used a tag with animal strip print. But by covering up much of the tag, the prink now looks more like woodgrain (the light blue card on the left). That was a good use of the zoo theme!

If you want to catch all the silly fun behind this project, check out the video!

So that is it this time around. I hope you join me for future Mystery Box Monday goodness. Until next time, I hope you have an artful day.

Cards, cards and more cards!

While scrapbooking is my go-to craft form, making cards isn’t far behind. The oddest thing that I have realized this past couple of years is that I have a hard time with taking scrapbooking classes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the classes; I just have a super difficult time trying to fit my photos and stories onto a pre-designed layout. Does the theme work? Do I have the right number of photos? I have a nice stack of finished layouts just waiting to be used. Hmm. What is a crafter to do?

Enter card classes! Oh during the pandemic I fell in LOVE with card classes. I get a box of supper fun goodies. (I love collecting craft supplies as much as using craft supplies!) I get classes to put those goodies to use. If the sentiment on the card isn’t for an event that matters to me I can change it. Ditto with the color scheme. And the best part is I then send them away! No guilt about stuff sitting around waiting for me to do something with them.

Well I spend another fabulous weekend event making cards on September 30-October 2 2022. I have had cards on the brain ever since. I wanted to share a photo gallery here since this is what is occupying my time and energy right now. Can’t let the blog get too quiet, right?

Oh I have a few more cards to share, but first I also have a few more cards to make! Yes, more cards! I didn’t even finish half of the classes that were offered on the 30th. I still need to go back and complete cards shared by Simon Hurley (half done), Honey Bee, Crafter’s Companion (partly done), Brutus Monroe, and Your Next Stamp. That is a lot more goodness to come.

In the mean time, I took all my box supplies and mixed and matched manufacturer products. Jennifer McGuire had shared her ideas for doing exactly that in a video that was shown during the event. While my designs are never JG level, I do always mix and match out of the simple desire for certain element. I was inspired by Jennifer McGuire, but it was also World Card Making day challenge time. The Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine team put together 5 challenges (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) all with prizes; if you scroll to the bottom of challenge 5 you’ll notice an extra prize for entering every challenge. I just had to enter them all of course. 😀

I hope to come back by the end of the month with more card shares from the rest of the classes as well as the rest of the ideas that are buzzing around in my brain.

Until then, have an artful day!

The World of Vellum

Vellum is a product that I love and try to keep a stock on hand at all times. I want to share my love of vellum with you with two videos. The first is all about ways you can use vellum and the second is putting together a layout using a handful of the items I created in the first video. Plus the second video has an additional little vellum technique that you may find handy. As always, if you want the blog version, please keep reading!

Vellum Techniques Video
Layout process video using vellum

So let’s take a gallery journey through the techniques I mentioned. While each photo is captioned, the gallery system’s captions are a bit hard to read, so let me list it out more clearly.

  1. Layered Dimming
  2. Pattern Making
  3. Cluster Layering
  4. Photo Mats
  5. Stamping
  6. Heat Embossing
  7. Backing Cutfiles
  8. Printed journaling
  9. Alcohol Ink (No expensive Yupo “paper” needed)
  10. Embossing Folders
  11. Pockets
  12. Windows
  13. Shakers
  14. Envelopes
  15. Home decor — Votive Holders
  16. Home decor — Stained Glass Window technique + project

Once I had created a pile of goodies out of vellum I turned to creating a layout. If card making is your thing, these ideas totally work for that too! Now, not all the things I created are going to work on one project so the process of finding what will work, and especially giving up on what won’t work, is interesting. I tried really hard to get stamped flowers on my project and they just weren’t working. The flowers got lost in the amount of pattern shining through the vellum. In the end I colored vellum with a marker (that is your bonus technique!) and punched out solid colored flowers to sprinkle on my project.

Layout using vellum

Don’t forget that vellum can be tricky to attach since you can see the glue right through it! If you need ideas on how to overcome that, I’ve got you covered there too! This post shows off vellum attachment ideas. Of course you can take the short cut right to the source video.

I hope this post gave you lots of ideas for incorporating vellum into your paper crafting projects, and even some home decor. I’ll be back soon with more ideas. Until then, have a artful day.

SCT Sampler Kit Unboxing, March ’22

Getting my SCT Sampler kit in the mail each month is a bright spot. This small affordable package is just enough newness + surprise to keep me satisfied. This month the package contains brands new to the SCT kits — LDRS and Crafter’s Companion. I’m fairly new to both of these myself so I’m excited to learn more what they have to offer. In addition, we have more from Echo Park, and the 2022 die set from SCT. Such a full package.

Here is a list of the included supplies:

You can see the full set of products and my project process in this video.

Because this kit had a stash of birthday themed products, and birthday cards are the cards I send most, I decided to make a whole set of cards. I played in three different ways with the products. I focused on the paper + ephemera for one set of cards, the die set for another set, and the stamp set for a third grouping.

That is it for this time. Happy crafting to you all.

SCT Sampler Kit, Sep ’21

I love getting goodies in the mail! And at an affordable price point (as low as $14 per month including shipping), the SCT Sampler Kit brings me just that. I get a sample of goodies to play with and it won’t break the bank or accumulate dust in my craft space like many other kits have in the past.

This month’s goodies look like this…

And if you want a more detailed look you can check out my unboxing video.

And a quick peek at the project…

At the end of the video I talk about how this card project is going to influence a layout project I’ll be posting in a couple of days. I hope you stick around for that as well!

Learn More about the SCT sampler kit: https://scrapbookandcards.com/sct-sampler/

Please note: you can not order the current kit. Instead you sign up for a future beginning date for your kits.

Kits currently run between $14 per month (1-year commitment billed every 4 months) to $17 per month (4-month commitment billed fully).

Extras not shown in the video include a private Facebook group with video shares each month, a cut file download to match the theme word and discounts for prominent online scrapbook shops.

I have no affiliation with SCT. I simply use and enjoy these kits and wish to share.

Adapt scrapbook sketches to cards

It is free sketch time!

I’ve got a new 12×12 scrapbook layout sketch up for you here on the blog. Normally I’d use this sketch to show you a take on it for a layout, but a few things happened that made me take this sketch into a card making direction instead.

  1. I’ve already done a process video for this sketch. (In fact I based the sketch off of this project to begin with!)
  2. I created that project as a scraplift of myself from several years ago
  3. I wanted to do something different.
  4. I took a card making class recently and was feeling inspired to make cards!

Thus this adaptation was born. First let’s take a look at the sketch and the supporting layouts that inspired this sketch.

So here is the sketch you can download it directly here in a photoshop format or a printable pdf format or you can head to the Freebies tab above to see this and many more sketches available for download. This sketch came out of the layout below that I created for the ScrapHappy.org membership group blog post.

And in turn this layout was scraplifted from myself. I made the original layout below many years ago and it has remained one of my favorites.

And here is the layout process for the most recent project.

With that out of the way I wanted to move on to another project… adapting this sketch to card making. I used the same idea of angles, but inked and stamped them instead of using paper. I repeated the greeting instead of using three photos and I embellished with smaller items instead of layered clusters. And just like that, a card is born! Hope you enjoy a view of these cards and the products used are listed below.

Third Mojo Booster

Okay, I’ll admit that my mojo feels like it is back. But I wanted to give one final look at something I do when I’m not quite feeling it and that is to just play. Play with something new. Or play with something old and try to figure out how to use it in a new way. This past week I played with two unrelated things in unrelated ways.

First off I was inspired by a ScrapHappy session over at ScrapHappy.org (you can find a video for every week day in April over on the ScrapHappy YouTube channel full of playful ideas). The topic was alcohol ink and I have been meaning to play with those again. I had bought a class kit with different “papers” to try and I had bought my own Yupo “paper” from my local craft store. And those things have just been sitting in my new materials bin. So thanks to Alice’s session, I got those out and played. And technically that is a fourth mojo booster for you — take a class or find a less formal demo video to play along with.

So check out the pretty colors I created with my inks. Now, was it all a success? No. With some things working and some things not working (for me!) I can better hone in on what I like in order to make wiser choices next time. For example, in these items, the alcohol ink on the glitter paper got toned down way too much and became more pastel. While the look is nice, it wasn’t what I wanted. I like alcohol inks for the in-your-face color they can offer. So I made that work with a different technique.

Okay, moving on to the second item I played with and that was sequins. I actually started this project for my YouTube channel right at the beginning of my mojo dip and I didn’t get it posted on the schedule I had planned. So I had to take a step back and think about where the project was going. I took a look at my pile of sequins and I took a look at some projects and I asked myself a question – where else could I put sequins besides just sprinkling them on the side. And once I had a question I was able to experiment. And I managed to get the one technique I was the most excited to try to actually work. But it took some playing and some experimentation. And that could have ended up with a frustrating moment, but if I had given up I would never have experienced the success. So sometimes if you keep going and keep pushing, you can break through. Can you tell which technique I’m talking about in my video?

Productive March

I did a lot of crafting in March. That was due largely to a card making event I attended online. Titled “Crop & Create Delivered Cards March 2021”, this event was put out by the Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine, affectionately known as SCT. They’ve done live events for years in Canada and covid saw them shifting to an online event model and I am so grateful. Traveling to Canada is not really in my budget, but doing an online event is. Plus I get to stay in my pjs if I want. Plus my teen can join me for some of the event for no extra cost. Plus I get to sleep in my own bed. Plus I get a box jam packed full of supplies to ooh and ahh over. Plus the online teaching includes live Q&A with the teachers. Plus everything is recorded to go back and revisit at my own pace. Can you see why I’m excited??

SCT will continue to host online events even once covid is under control and that has been a huge silver lining to the difficult year. If you want to get in on their events, they will be opening registration soon for the card event in October as well as a scrapbooking event offered in November. And they mention a “Holiday” event which is new to their line up.

Okay, enough gushing about the fun I had at this event. I did other crafting this month as well! I will just drop a bit of a project gallery for you to peruse. I hope you enjoy and find something I created will inspire a project you make.

Process videos for the week

So I’ve got three new videos up for you this week. And they will be linked here. But if you prefer text and photos, stick with me because I have that for you to!

First up I took my mystery box basket of supplies and pulled out three crafty items. The surprise items were two Christmas/winter themed die sets and a rainbow stamp set. So how did I mix rainbows and snowflakes. Like this…

I love thinking outside the box and putting themed products to use in alternative ways! Want to see how those gift boxes were made from a snowflake die? Then watch the video.

Next up I used my scrapbook kits for this month for layout process videos. My Best of Both Worlds kit got used to create a coral and navy color palette and showed off our pandemic chickens. Plus I took a die cut circle product and used is as a temple to create my own circle design to my page.

You can see it all in action.

Finally, using my Counterfeit Kit Challenge supplies for the month I created a beachy layout with out using beach themed items. Instead I turned to color, texture and ambiance to create a summery feel to this layout.

And of course you can watch me create and hear my tips along the way.

One technique, two crafts

Today I’m taking a tried and true technique and turning it into two different Christmas craft projects. And it you have kids, they can certainly play along.

I have an svg freebie for you of that Christmas tree available in this file download. Bundled together you will get the svg as well as a pdf copy of the instructions for the greeting card. (For the svg along click here.) If you make these projects and post them to Instagram, please tag me @craftysouppics and use the hashtag #craftysoupsharing and we can start seeing each other’s work!