TEMPLATE Mystery Box Monday is back!

Hello, hello! I am excited to bring back my Mystery box Monday series. I did this series back in 2020 and since it did not get a lot of views back then I had retired it. But I missed it! This project was just some weird creative fun and I am happy to be back to it.

So, what is Mystery Box Monday? I have a “grab-bag” style box of supplies that I purchased from Piece Craft Love as part of a clearance sale back in Dec ’22. Since the box is a grab-bag, that means all the supplies in the box are a mystery. Who doesn’t like a good mystery? The box comes at a steep price reduction because the supplies are unknown. Does that make the box worth it? We will find out!

I’m going to reach into this box and pull out three items. Much like that cooking show with the mystery basket ingredients, I have to put those items to use on one crafty project. Will these ingredients work together? Or will it be a recipe for disaster? Let’s find out…

Here is a peek at the mystery items I pulled out of the box this time around: A metal stencil doodling set, a zoo themed chipboard set from Graphic 45, and Echo Park travel themed rosettes.

Several thoughts ran through my mind as I looked at these.

  • Travel + zoo themes? Hmm.
  • Graphic 45 is not my go-to.
  • Cool metal stencils. Those are easy to use. Maybe I could to embossed impressions with them?
  • Can I remove the chipboard pieces from the rosettes? That would mostly eliminate the travel theme?

That final thought is where I started my project. If I could just have simple rosettes then they would become more flexible in style usage. Once that was done, they reminded me of flowers which goes with the butterfly stencil. The buttons on the Graphic 45 Chipboard could be used to give new centers to the rosettes to take them off in their own direction.

Okay. Flowers and butterflies. Now what? My train of thought led down a path that landed on making a batch of Easter cards for a senior meal program that I made cards for last year. Now is a good time to get started. So off I went with the supplies.

I ended up using spray mist through the petal-like stencil to give my rosettes more of a floral foundation; though in the end much of the imagery was covered up! Still I think that background foundation gave these cards more interest. Now using more than just a couple tiny pieces from the chipboard felt more honest to the spirit of this Mystery Box Monday challenge, so I popped up my easter greeting on chipboard tags. I used tags with florals. I also used a tag with animal strip print. But by covering up much of the tag, the prink now looks more like woodgrain (the light blue card on the left). That was a good use of the zoo theme!

If you want to catch all the silly fun behind this project, check out the video!

So that is it this time around. I hope you join me for future Mystery Box Monday goodness. Until next time, I hope you have an artful day.

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