Thoughts on Digital Scrapping

I consider myself a hybrid scrapper. My photos are almost always touched by Photoshop Elements before being printed (at home with my HP portable photo printer). I may crop, remove red-eye, add text or play with some color adjustments. It makes me happy to be able to manipulate and print my photos. I feel I have a lot of flexibility with my photo sizes and colors.

At times I will play all digital. I find it fun to use and reuse digital elements. I like to resize and sometimes reshape embellishments. And of course special effects like fading one element into another just can’t be done traditionally. Yet, as much as I like the flexibility of digital, I know I will always be a paper girl.

I just need to TOUCH things. I need to feel the papers, apply the glue and punch the shapes. I like to feel the lump of that button and the fuzz of the flock. I like to twist and turn the page to see how the glitter sparkle changes with the light. Oh, I am so addicted to paper and other goodies.

Digital is so much more environmentally friendly, but nothing can replace the human friendly need for touching things! So go out and touch your paper!

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