Blog challenge

Do you do blog challenges? I haven’t really done many since my scrap time is so limited and I have so many of my own ideas I want to work on. But every once in a while I find it fun to follow the plan of someone else.

I recently found Write.Click.Scrapbook blog and am loving it. They recently posted a mystery challenge to complete a project. While I didn’t play along with they mystery (I don’t like doing projects that may duplicate things I have done in the past), I followed the blog through the 5 part challenge and patiently waited for the reveal. Once revealed I decided to play along with a few adjustment to fit my needs. The project ended up being an A-Z mini album of “happy things”. I made my A-Z list and thought I would share it here. Once I complete the pages, I’ll upload a few snap shots of my completed work.

If you’d like to play along, please follow the links.

Creative Adventure: Part 1, Creative Adventure: Part 2, Creative Adventure: Part 3, Creative Adventure: Part 4 and Creative Adventure: Part 5.

So here is the list of things from A to Z that make me happy. It’s not polished but I will work on that!

a: animals
b: bathtub!
c: chocolate
d: droid
e: eggs (homegrown ones!)
f: Friday nights
g: gardening
h: husband
i: internet
j: jeans
k: kids
l: laptop
m: myth busters
n: netflix
p: photography
q: quiet
r: reading
s: scrapbooking
t: tredmill
u: universe (add Neil deGrasse Tyson quote)
v: visions (of my scrappy life)
w: weight(going down!)
x: xanthan gum
y: yesterday (stories & memories) or yard (kids to play, room for animal, lots garden space)
z: zzzz’s(aka sleep)

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