Scrapbook about YOU!

I am often not in photos because I am too busy being behind the camera. The ones I am usually in are blurry photos of the top of my head that my kids take. Not how I want to remember myself years down the road! And when I am gone I don’t want these to be the only reminders my kids have left of me. Because of that I keep a small scrapbook just about me.

The book is small. It is a 6×6 ring album. It is not added to often but what I do add is about what I am feeling in the moment. While some of the pages in it are far from serious, like the layout about my gall bladder surgery, what matters is that I am keeping track of things in my life that impact me. My kids will be able to look back at these things later and get a perspective on their mom that perhaps wasn’t there for them before.

I encourage you to scrap about yourself. Please post a comment with a link to a page about yourself! I’d love to see what others are doing to preserve their own story.

Here are some samples layouts from my album. These happen to be all digital. Because my album is only 6×6 I can easily print the layouts out on 8.5×11 photo paper and tuck them into my album.

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