Made in the USA

Last year I found a kit club business called Vintage Plum. I was shopping around for a kit club and found their ad on Google. I signed up immediately because they had a very different philosophy. ALL of their products, including their packaging, came from the US. I was so excited by this. Unfortunately they went out of business back in August.

I was bummed to see them go, however is started me into search mode. What crafting products could I find made in the US? I’ve been making lists and there is more than I thought there would be! I’ve posted a table with lists of manufacturers and the products they produce in the US.

I know there a good many things that aren’t manufactured in the US and while I still use those things, I am becoming more conscious of the impact of buying imported goods. The pollution created from shipping goods all over the world are tremendous. And it only saves the manufactures’ cost. We as the consumer don’t see the difference in price. All the saved money only goes to bigger profits of the businesses. I’m not opposed to businesses making money for what they do. We all have to make a living. But when businesses choose to sacrifice US jobs for their own profit I get frustrated. And then we still have to pay the additional cost of the extra pollution to our planet. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Our economy and our environment will be happier if we keep our purchases as local as possible. Please consider US brands before you choose other items. To see a list of some of the information I gathered please visit the page on this blog titled Made in the USA. (link at the top) [Update: this information is not longer current.]

If you see any errors, or have any information to add, please let me know. Leave a comment and I will update my file to include your information.

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