Valentine’s Day centerpiece

I spent some time today repurposing some items around the house to make this fun Valentine’s Day centerpiece.

Finished project


  • Sticks, find what you can repurpose!
  • glue (I like Zip Dry)
  • hearts in various sizes with a slightly large backing heart for each one
  • container with a foam block fitted in the base
  • filler greenery

I began with a Christmas centerpiece and removed the decorations leaving just the greenery and candle. I then used some plastic sticks from a Christmas fruit bouquet to create the heart “flags”. I used my Cricut (Plantin Schoolbook) to cut hearts from pink paper scraps in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 1.75 inches. I then cut backings from plain white cardstock using the shadow feature. The plastic sticks were sandwiched between the front piece and the shadow piece. I then just randomly staked the heart sticks in the block of floral foam at the base of the greenery.

Items used for making the heart "flags"

You can see below that I glued the sticks in between layers of hearts. The Zip Dry glue drys really fast, won’t wrinkle your paper and is made in the US!

Valentine's heart "flags"

Once you have all your hearts assembled, have fun arranging them like flowers in your centerpiece. If you decide to do a similar project I would love you to post a comment with a link to your picture!

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