Craft Projects… What do you make?

While scrapbooking, and to some extent card making, take up the majority of my crafty time, I also like to dabble in other crafty creations. Today I’d like to share some of those ideas with you, starting with my latest video on creating a door hanging sign. The good thing about the majority of those projects is that I use my paper crafting supplies and skills to bring them to life.

You can see a version of that sign in the video thumbnail above, but here is a better version.

I made this project as a challenge for the CKC group. While I was working on the project I started reminiscing about past projects. As I was pulling some of those photos to include in my YouTube video I really felt that blast from the past. Some of the projects I cringed at now, but some of them have been total favorites. I think that is how crafting goes in general, right?

At any rate, here is a gallery of some of those older projects. I’ve captioned them so that you know what they are all about.

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