Colorful title

I had the previous layout in mind when I saw the prompt by SCT magazine for a colorful title. But since I used that page for the tag challenge I created this page with a colorful title.

2016-05-07 23.05.26


I chose these photos for this prompt since they lacked much color themselves. This gave me a way to add color to my layout despite a fairly monotone subject. The colors I did draw from were…

  1. my daughters shirt
  2. memory of all the colorful seastars in photo #4 (even though the photo is pretty  mild–and in this shot just covered by glare)

For embellishment on this simple page I pulled out these beachy bits that have been in my stash for a very long time. That bird was the perfect piece that I needed. All that empty space between title and photos felt wrong. But when I added the bird starting to swoop into that space it changed the whole layout for me. It created a place for the imagination to fill in the thought of the bird flying around in the sky. Happy dance for just the right embellishment!

Tags, tags and more tags

Coincidence is a funny thing. I was searching through my stash looking for doilies for my last layout when I happened upon a package of tags that I forgot I had. Then up comes the challenge to use at least 6 tags by SCT magazine. Bingo!

2016-05-07 21.56.45

I started by laying out a photo grid and building a landing place for the title with my first set of tags. Then I tucked a tag with journaling next to each photo. Next it was time to decorate. I pulled colors from my title to just build color blocking embellished clusters using DCWV pattern papers and random tidbits of stash. I used red by the focal photo as it is a stronger color that draws more attention and balances the heavy title. I kept balance in mind again by using the dark pink in the bottom corner to draw the eye across the page from one “heavy” color to another almost as heavy color. I dropped the balance ball a bit (so much alliteration) with the trapped space under the photo grid. Looking at it now I think I would pull in more of the pattern paper from under the title to bring down and fill in that trapped space.

This was very fun and something new that I haven’t really done before. That is what challenges are all about, right?

Fabric fringe

Another of Shimelle’s challenges for NSD2016 was to use fabric on a page. I went with some fringe (in a fabric I might not have chosen but is what I had on hand). It mimics the story about my daughter dying her hair with Kool-Aid. Inspired by the fabric I added in other textile type elements with lace ribbon, twine, buttons and (paper) doilies.

2016-05-07 21.55.54


Cardstock by DCWV. Word tags by Shimelle True Stories. All else are random older supplies from my stash.

Painted background

When I saw that Shimelle and SCT Magazine both had painted/messy background challenges I knew right away what I wanted to work on.

2016-05-07 21.51.25

I used Tim Holtz distress stains to add “photo mats” to my images and messy splatters. I used a strip of pattern paper to draw the color inspiration from. Some colorful bling and titling and the page is quick and easy!

Masculine travel page

I’ve got photos of a vacation we took to California. I’m putting these pages in each of my kids albums. So I have similar photos that are being scrapped in differing styles. This one goes in my then-16 year old son’s album. While I don’t believe that guys automatically shun flowers and sparkle, it is true that my son tends to the simpler, less flashy elements. So for this I can stay with a traditional “masculine” style. Honestly scrapbooking really doesn’t hold any interest for him so I could sticker sneeze on it and he wouldn’t care. However, perhaps someday these albums will mean something to him, or perhaps to someone else he loves, and so I continue.

Elements for this page were inspired by

  1. Shimelle’s repeating stamps challenge
  2. and of course the SCT’s 3pm challenge of going masculine

2016-05-07 16.39.17


For the repeat stamping, I did cut out stamped elements (the globe) but I went a little further. I used the text, which is a separate stamp, from each globe and repeat stamped that directly on each photo. I liked the texture it added to the photo.

2016-05-07 16.40.32

All supplies are from the Shimelle True Stories collection.

Try stamping straight on your photos (as long as they aren’t one-and-onlys).

Bubble Bath

Ready to giggle? I couldn’t help laughing when I went to check on my daughter in the bath one night. And this is what I found she had been up to…

2016-05-07 15.57.52

She’d gotten can of shaving cream lathered into a wild froth and created a lovely harido. A harido with a side of attitude.

I had two inspirations for this page.


  1. Shimelle’s repeat a shape challenge
  2. DCWV’s May stack challenge. Here is their sketch to draw from…

I took the circle elements of the sketch as inspiration as to add lots of circle layers to create bubbles. Heat embossed and watercolored bubbles, topped off with DCWV vellum circles and a couple of circles punched from pattern paper. (My DCWV paper stack this time around was the 8.5×11 Textiles stack.) Here is what all those repeated circle layers look like up close.

2016-05-07 15.58.20


If you are afraid to add watercolor to your pages, this is a simple way to keep it easy and contained. Heat emboss a shape and watercolor inside the lines! I have to admit that I did have bleeding underneath the embossing my first try. But I tried again and blotted up the really wet watercolor paint right away and gave it a bit of heat from the heat gun and that controlled the leakage. Add in some spatter and any uncontrolled leak looks intentional!

Go try some layers and some watercoloring!


When my middle kid came down with a nasty cold that left her sleeping for days on end, she missed the first (and only!) snow of the season. She was so bummed. I knew I had to capture that on a layout. So, that is the first page I worked on this NSD2016.

2016-05-07 13.40.34

2016-05-07 13.40.46

Two challenges fit the bill for this layout.

  1. Shimelle’s weekly challenge of using arrows
  2. SCT’s 2pm challenge of using “directional” elements

For this layout I used Shimelle papers, date stamp and Thicker letters. I threw in some DCWV glitzy paper, random vellum and small alpha stickers. I pulled out older wood veneer arrows and used them to add flow to the journaling.

National Scrapbook Day 2016

Whose favorite holiday happened this weekend? Mine! What? Yours too you say? Well awesome!

NSD is a time when I find lots of inspiration and I prioritize time to work on this craft that I love. I felt particularly productive this time around. I’m hoping I can still get more in, because even though the day is over, the inspiration is still rolling around in my head. Here is a sneak peek of all the projects I worked on yesterday.

2016-05-07 13.40.342016-05-07 23.05.262016-05-07 21.55.542016-05-07 21.51.252016-05-07 16.39.172016-05-07 15.57.52

I played along with Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine’s NSD challenges, challenges at (starting here), and DCWV‘s May Stack-a-holic challenge. Some of these challenge themes even overlapped at times!

I will have individual posts for each page as I get them written up. I hope you all had a great time playing along with NSD (or will if you couldn’t be live for the event).

Color scheme challenge

Welcome to another day of the Shimelle scrap party. I looked over ALL the challenges this morning (benefit of her being GMT and me being PST) and decided to start with the color story challenges since it best fit the project I wanted to work on next.

Using the colors tan, red, aqua, navy and yellow I created this page about my kids playing Legos. I thought the colors were a perfect fit for a Lego page!

2016-03-06 13.58.13


I grabbed my Shimelle supplies of course and went to work. The English Breakfast pattern paper from the True Stories line had the perfect combo of blocks of color on one side and tan on the other. When I saw the cork house in Shimelle’s cork stickers and knew that would fit my story. Add in more cork for my typical embellishment triangle and I was off an running. The cork pieces didn’t quite fit what I had in mind, so here is my tip for you today. Don’t be afraid to alter your cork stickers!

2016-03-06 13.18.272016-03-06 13.18.392016-03-06 13.19.35

With the ampersand I used a die circle to cut it down to just the size & piece I wanted.

2016-03-06 13.24.132016-03-06 13.24.45

With the house sticker, it was just to big for what I wanted. Scissors solved that problem!

Hope you check out Shimelle’s challenges. And don’t forget to try altering some of your supplies if they aren’t working at first. Besides that leaves extra pieces that you can then use on other projects.

Last one (for today)

The 4th, and last for me, challenge that Shimelle offered up today for this weekend’s scrap party was to scrap an “older” photo. Right now all of my photos qualify as older, I suppose, as I am working through photos from last year. I would have preferred to work on something much older, but this will do. Since I didn’t have part 1 of the challenge to my satisfaction, I decided to go ahead with the optional part 2 of using monochromatic (a challenge posted previously that I missed, so all the better).


Now, I’m off to print more photos as I’ve scrapped myself almost out of prints. Goodnight. And I’ll be back tomorrow with more challenges I’m sure.