LOAD 1022, Week 3 & 4

Well it has been a bit since I posted week 2 of LOAD, and here we are already in November! So let’s get to the final LOAD layouts for October.

Week 3 saw more work in my COVID album, as well as some design team work. I’m also trying to finish up pages from late 2021 and early 2022 so my story binder doesn’t over lap months! I usually have about 8 months or so of stories saved up in my binder, but I have not been wholly inspired to tell some of the holiday stories I’ve had sitting around. LOAD is a good time to get some of those older stories checked off the to-do list…

…That is if you don’t get distracted by the interesting prompts each day brings! I often get distracted, but this time around I’m trying to keep my focus on progressing on some specific projects!

On to week 4 (and beyond)..

I relied some more on the Project Life app on my phone as well as a fully digital page to get me through some days. Digital really does help on those busy days. You’ll notice that some of my stories are “unfinished” but I designed them that way. Since some of these stories were “right in the moment” I included empty space to allow me to fill in more details as time moved forward.

That it is for this final LOAd of 2022. I’ll be back with more other creations soon and more LOAD in Ferburary. Until then, have an artful day.

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