Welcome December!

Normally on the first of the month I’d have a kit build to share for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge design team. However, December is different over at CKC. In order to take the pressure off during a busy holiday month, the team offers a simpler bit of inspiration. This year we are doing a Crafty Kit Advent Calendar!

The adventure is this: each day there is a prompt offered on the blog to add just a single item to your supplies and by the end of the month you’ll have a complete crafty kit. Over in the Facebook community there is an accompanying image for further ideas & inspiration. So, during this busy time you can take just a 5 minute crafty break from daily life. Now, your kit could be holiday themed, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I’ve decided my kit will not have anything to do with holidays. Instead, I’m going to build a kit of supplies for a weekly art journal to play in for 2022.

So far the only thing in my storage drawer for this kit is the traveler’s notebook that I plan on using for my art journal. I recently enjoyed a traveler’s notebook class that showed how to create a temporary cover for the notebook and I plan on covering it now and again as the mood inspires me.

While I know all the behind the scenes info into this advent kit build, I am really trying to play along in real time. I will find my item each day as the prompt goes public. I do know one thing for sure: my goal is to use mainly scraps and partial products for this kit. I think that will be a great way to clear out some items from overflowing bins and build a pile of supplies that are strictly for play.

If you want to follow what the other design team members and communitiy members are up to with this project, go ahead and join the Facebook community.

Until nextt time, I hope you have a safe and festive December!

CKC November challenge one!

It is the first layout challenge of the month over at CKC. This time we are talking all about friendships. My video is up for this layout process.

This layout features bands of zones across the page. Each zone holds a photo and a page elements such at title, journaling and embellishments.

This design came about because the background paper featured words that said “hello friend” and I jumped on the opportunity to make that a part of the design. So each zone actually points to those words on the background.

Don’t forget that other CKC Master Forgers are sharing their takes on this challenge over on the blog. Go check out their work also and then share what you make inspired by this challenge.

Forgeries for November 2021

I’m at it again with my DIY embellishments. I was so inspired by the kit this month that I had to make myself narrow it down to just two forgeries. So let’s take a look at the kit again first.

From this kit I decided to forge those number & icon circle chipboard pieces. I chose that one specifically because I like to number photos along with the corresponding journaling. That way photos can have their own say as part of an overall story.

I also decided to forge the phrase stickers. I like to add little words strips to areas of my layout as a sprinkling of a finishing touch. I used a Concord & 9th sentiment stamp and die set to accomplish this task.

A full look of my process is up on my YouTube channel.

But the short version is here as well.

I used four ink colors to do all the stamping across all the forgeries. This lends itself to plenty of color choice for layouts as well as just lots of elements to use in general. Here I stamped (with an old stamp set) and then used a circle punch to get these number disks. I only completed a few of the finished chipboard pieces and I cam complete any others I need along the way.

The word strips took longer to create since these very solid stamps can be a bit fuzzy to get crisp images from. But perseverance paid off and I got some good results in the end. While these words are larger than typical sticker sheet phrases, I can make them work on plenty of layouts.

Be sure to check out the other forgeries the design team is up to this month over on the blog.

November CKC kit!

I’m really excited about this one my friends! I am finally in the fall mood and the color palette for this month’s inspiration fit the bill just right. Master Forger Lisa chose the Felicity Jane September Kit, called Emily.

I called my kit something decidedly different… “Scrumptious”. The feeling I got from the color palette, along with the little apple icons on that pattern paper just fit for that word!

You can check out my whole kit build via video or keep reading for more info.

I was inspired not only by the color palette by by the textures and small embellishments I noticed in the kit. I chose papers that corresponded one-to-one with papers from the kit knowing that I couldn’t duplicate everything precisely.

But you can judge for yourself how close you think I got. Just know the top row of florals were extras I added to my kit out of indecisiveness!

For embellishments I took more of the inspiration route and pulled things with similar icons that I noticed through the kit. I spied tassels, circular elements, scalloped borders, heart icons, potted plants and much more. Here I incorporated all those things.

Plus I will also be playing with some extra DIY embellishments that I created last month knowing full well what this month’s color palette would be ūüėČ

Throw in a few alphas and some library cards I found at the last minute, and that completes my kit.

Be sure to give a warm welcome to our guest designer this month, Susanne! And hop along to everyone’s sharing sites to see what the whole team has to show off about their kits this month!

I’ll be back on the 4th for more DIY embellishments for the Forgery on the Fourth project, so join me then!

Layout Process with a twist!

Today I put my CKC kit to use for a LOAD layout. What is LOAD you ask? Well, that is the LayOut A Day challenge hosted over at ScrapHappy. We get fun prompts to play along with if we choose as we create our layouts each day. Today I managed to get the prompts in (mostly) by telling a story with a plot twist and including a twist of lemon.

For the entire process you can watch the video.

CKC challenge #1 for October

It is the first layout challenge of the month over at CKC. And this time there is a twist to our challenge. We should pick a title from the list below and create a layout centered around that title!

  • Let’s Go
  • Destination Unknown
  • The Journey is the Destination
  • Life isn’t always Rainbows and Unicorns
  • Spring has Sprung
  • You Colour¬†My World
  • You’ve Come so Far
  • Perfectly Imperfect
  • Ordinary Moments

Since most of my photos and stories are from candid snapshots, I chose the title Ordinary Moments and I found the perfect photos to go with the story! If you want to see the full layout process, check out the video below. Otherwise, as usual, I’ll have the photo tour for you if you scroll down.

Remember you can click on gallery photos to enlarge. I hope you head over to the CKC blog to check out all the other Master Forgers’ takes on this challenge. And if you want to play along, go ahead and join the CKC Facebook group and share your projects.

Forgery on the Fourth, Oct ’21

It is forgery time over at CKC. That means we are inspired by crafty items that already exist and we take our turn at recreating them. First let’s have a reminder of what the kit is that we are drawing inspiration from.

I was drawn to these two papers from the inspiration kit. The First one is all about the butterflies for me and the second is that striped paper.

My versions were much softer of a color palette, but that fit better with the mood I was going for.

I didn’t completely recreate the inspiration, but rather, approximated it. And that is my typical way of going about things. So if you like something you see, but wish it were a different color, maybe you’ll think of recreating it to fit for you.

Kit building for Oct ’21

Yep, it is that time again. I’m here with my Counterfeit Kit build for October. Joining us as Guest Designer this time around is Machelle Willing. Let’s give her a big welcome!

Diving in I expected our inspiration piece to be fall themes, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was more home and connection themed with a color palette right up my alley. This is the May ’21 kit + add-ons by Hip Kit Club. Let’s take a look…

Main Kit

I ended up ignoring the inspiration kit theme altogether and built my kit around specific designers/companies that caught my attention! Ha! I was inspired by PinkFresh, Jen Hadfield and Paige Evans in the inspiration kit to pull from my own stash of papers from those designers/companies. And along the way Vicki Boutin made an appearance as well. The theme I ended up pulling together became the title of this kit build called Nature Study. You’ll see how it got that name and theme as you follow along here.

First up the video version. Keep reading for the short version…

As I was pulling all manner of anything that caught my attention I realized that I had two different feels going on in my choices, which you may notice above. To get specific, in the photos below you will see that I have a bold and graphic office/school vibe (photo directly below) and then a soft and flowing nature vibe (2nd photo below).

I am perfectly okay with that! This is my kit and I can do what I want. When you build your kit you can do what you want as well! That is the beauty of CKC. I did, however, make some choices that do help tie things together. My “solid” color paper choices are flexible enough that they can work with either vibe. And giving this kit the title Nature Study is a sneaky way to justify my disparate choices! LOL!

For embellishments I pulled some items directly from the kit inspiration and some items from designers, and tried to keep my newly developed theme in mind.

This kit is jam packed with embellishments which I know I will NEVER get to use all of this month. But choices are really nice and I will be doing quite a bit of scrapping this October as I’m playing along with the LayOut A Day challenge (aka LOAD) over at ScrapHappy.org. So we shall see how big of a dent I can make in these supplies.

Don’t forget that this kit reveal is a hop and you can go check out the other Master Forgers to see how their minds work in approaching this inspiration. And if you want to join in and play along, CKC is totally free and welcoming you can follow the blog below and join the Facebook group to share your work.

CKC challenge #1, Sep ’21

It is the first challenge of the month over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge! This time our kit hostess set us a challenge inspired by the tractors used in many fall festivals. No you don’t need to include a tractor; you can be inspired by the idea of transportation! I took it in a very metaphorical level and talked about my daughter being ready to fly off to college (no she isn’t flying, she’ll be driving since campus is about 2 hours a way!)

Mini Kit + Pocket Page Ideas

Hello everyone. I’m here with the Counterfeit Kit Club’s Mini Kit and project for the month of September 2020. You can quickly see my whole process in the video below or keep reading for the text and photo version.

Our inspiration kit (Vivid by {Not} Just for Boys kit club) shown below had a strong fall theme vibe.

When I was pondering this project I was in the process of cleaning my scrap space. While doing that I came across this bin that contained the extra photos, paper scraps and previous fall themed layout I had created a couple of month back.

Admittedly this gave me a huge head start on creating a page kit for this month’s mini. If you think I cheated, I promise all you would need to do to get to this same point is choose a base pattern paper or cardstock, plus 3-4 pattern paper scraps in various sizes. Then grab 6-10 embellishment pieces in various sizes to support your theme and you are done. Simple as that. Really.

Here I chose a base woodgrain paper, 5 pattern paper scraps, 1 cardstock and literally 12 individual embellishment pieces. The woodgrain, plaid and use of blue comes from our inspiration piece. The other imagery I chose to support my page theme (cameras + together/cozy)

Once I had a narrow palette of supplies to work with, my layout came together quickly. I think about this style of layout as a “pocket page” layout without the actual pockets. (You could also just call it a grid layout). I love the idea of pocket pages for ease but I feel too constrained by the pocket numbers and orientations. So I started my layout with the base page + photos. I trimmed my photos, and in fact all the pocket elements, down by 1/4″ in both height and width to give that gap that pockets have.

The open areas around the photos now become other “pockets.” The top right was very large and could have been broken down into several pockets, but I left it large for more visual impact to those cameras since this layout is about selfies. The journal pocket on the bottom left is 6×4″ (or rather 5.75×3.75″ once trimmed down.) The gray strip started at 2×4″ before trimming and the lower plaid is 2×8″ before trimming.

Sprucing up each pocket with limited embellishments helps the whole page feel cohesive. I also repeat elements, such as circles, blue, and plaid, in a visual triangle to pull everything together. Approaching a layout this way is super straightforward. It gives you the ease of pocket pages without the constraints. And with this design you could include way more photos than I did! Just so much flexibility here.

I hope you were inspired by how easy it can be to put together a quick page kit as well as a quick layout!