June week 1 update

The time is just marching along. I’ve been busy already in June creating projects. At the beginning of the month, as is typical for me, I create my scrapbook kit for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. Normally I will also play along with the Best of Both worlds kit but since my CKC kit ended up so big, I decided I had enough to play with!

You can quickly see what I’ve got going on in this kit. The watercolor cards were a product of what CKC calls Forgery on the 4th. I’ve got one video of my kit build and one process video of my watercolor forgeries, so I hope you check out both of those. And keep reading to see the projects I’ve created so far with this kit.

Then I got to work with my kit and did two layout process videos using these supplies. As you can see I have enough variety of items in my kit to get different moods of projects!

You can see my processes in action in these videos. The Feline Chat layout involved some design helpers using my Cricut, if you like to see ways to put your electronic die cutters to use.

I hope you enjoyed a look at what has kept me busy so far this month. I’ll be back in a couple of days with a DIY organizational project, so do come back!

April 5-9 Update

The beginning of a month is kit building time and my two typical kits are waiting for me to create with them. Normally I would have a third video project for the week. However, I got my second dose of the covid vaccine and I must say it knocked me out. So I will get that video up as soon as I can. Let me just say as a sneak that it will be sparkly! If you want to see my whole monthly schedule you can check out my schedule page.

So… Let’s take a look at these kit builds shall we?

Kit #1: BOBW

I created my Best of Both Worlds kit first this month, even though the video is posted second. The reasoning why is boring calendar reasons that I don’t need to go into. Why did I even mention it then? Since I had created this kit first it impacted my creation of my second kit. And this project came first since I had the inspiration to build it first!

The products Shimelle chose for her BOBW kit included spring vibes in a variety of styles and the pieces from Simple Stories Vintage Cottage collection caught my attention the strongest. So I chose 6 sheets from that collection, added in other Simple Stories woodgrain papers, and a few sheets of color supporting cardstock and called my paper selections good.

For embellishments and alphas I bought the Cottage collection 12×12 sticker sheet and sticker book. The book has several alphas in there for flexibility. I added to my kit from my stash cork tags and neutral twine for rustic feel. Enamel products in blue glitter dots and liquid Nuvo drops were also a part of this kit. And then since it is Easter time I did add one Easter product (stamp & die set). Finally a floral stamp and die set is in there for creating dimensional flowers.

Kit #2: Counterfeit Kit

I really love playing along with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. While we all start with the same inspiration kit, all our builds can go in their own direction. I love seeing how everyone interprets the same images and makes it their own! And speaking of making it my own… The inspiration for CKC this month featured the same color palette as the BOBW kit. Since I already used that color palette, I was wanting something different. So I chose to keep the spring, outdoorsy vibe but take it in a purple and green color palette. Normally I will build the CKC kits from my stash but I don’t have many products in those colors in my supplies so I went shopping. And it so happened that I was in a nearby town that has an actual brick-and-mortar scrapbook store! It was a double win. I got new goodies and I got to support my “local” store.

You can see the purple and green coming through. Even the multicolor prints have elements of purple and green. But using the multicolor prints as well it will keep my layouts from feeling to “samey”. Now paper alone does not make for a kit. I also bought purple glitter Nuvo drops, green enamel dots and a purple alpha. Then from my stash I threw in tiny paper clips, buttons, twine, stencils, punches and more alphas that all nature elements. I will be playing with gesso in this kit as well. The last detail of this kit is hard to see in the photo but I created some faux acrylic word embellishments. The video details that process if you want to know more!

Scrapbook Kit Builds

New month. New kits! I love the beginning of a month because it means I get to pull out scrappy products – either brand new, or more often hidden gems from my stash – and get to work putting them together in pretty kits to play with for the month. By the beginning of the month I’ve played with my previous kits enough that I am tired of them and ready for something new. So the energy from putting together a new kit is a nice refresh at the start of the month.

I don’t build a kit from nowhere. I usually take inspiration from something to get me going. Right now I am playing along with two kit projects to draw my inspiration. So let’s take a look at each.

Shimelle Laine’s Best of Both Worlds kit
While she provides a kit that you can buy outright, she also has the flexibility to do it your way. Here is how it works. Visit her shopping list at Scrapbook.com. Add the items on her shopping list to your shopping cart. Leave off any items you already have or don’t like. Add in any extras that you need for your craft supply (it is a full service paper crafty website after all). Boom. Done. Scrapbooking kit created by a designer to coordinate nicely, no commitments to subscription programs and flexibility to make it your own.

But I rarely follow the basics. I just have to be a rebel and go my own way. That usually means looking at her kit, finding what inspires me – perhaps icons, or a color pallet or a certain mood – and then I build my own kit. Often I do this from supplies I already own since I have plenty. But this month I was inspired by a color pallet that isn’t in my stash so I shopped very specifically for those supplies (and Shimelle still gets credit as an affiliate!). See where my brain took me this month.

I started with navy and coral colors, added in yellow and then build out the kit with embellishments featuring circles, flowers and gold. See my whole process in the video below.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge
This group offers a blog and facebook group to bring you an actually scrapbook kit as inspiration that you can then mimic, or as the title suggests, counterfeit. This means that you can completely use supplies you already own. And the group offer community, design team inspiration and challenges through the month to get you scrapping.

I did have a face-palm moment when I realized I didn’t include an alphabet in this kit. But since i have a good stash of those I will just go to my supply when I need something. That will give me a little more flexibility on each layout. In fact I created this page with my kit right away and grabbed the alpha out of last month’s kit. It was running low on letters so I couldn’t make the full title I wanted, but getting more of the supply used up makes me feel less guilty when I have to throw away unused letters and number.

If you’d like to see my whole build process you can check out this video.

Do you like to build kits? What is it about the process you enjoy? Or do you struggle? What makes it hard for you? Leave me comments and we can talk about kit building.

What is a scrapbook kit club?

I recently got a comment on one of my YouTube videos asking questions about scrapbooking kits and I thought I would answer that question here with more detail than is practical for YouTube comment.

Some people prefer scrapbooking on the fly where they choose each element to their page as they go. And some people prefer to have a set of supplies ready to go to make the page creating process smoother. That is where kits come in. Scrapbook kits are a selection of supplies that coordinate well together to create a number of scrapbook pages. I create a lot of my own kits from supplies I’ve been collecting over the years. In my scrapbook kit I always add the following:

  • Scrapbook papers and/or cardstock: 3-10 depending on the size of kit I’m after
  • An alphabet set: 1-2 (I often choose 1 large font and one smaller font in different colors)
  • Large embellishments items: 1-2 packs, such as die cuts, chipboard pieces or sticker sheet/set
  • Smaller embellishments items: 1-2 packs, such as enamel dots, sequins, buttons or smaller stickers
  • Texture items, optional: things like ribbons/twine, puffy or foam word & phrases, paper flowers and so on. The items listed above can also do this job.

If you want to give this a try. but need help guiding you in product selections, the Counterfeit Kit Challenge is a group who does just that. Once a month an inspiration kit is chosen and you can choose items from your own supplies that match, mimic or are simply inspired by the pieces in the inspiration kit. If you already have supplies sitting around, this is a great way to learn to build kits. The group offers lots of examples and has an active Facebook group for community. I share my kit building thought process each month.

Now if you don’t want to build your own kits, you can buy pre-made kits. Several monthly kit clubs exist and I don’t have experience with all of them. But I will link you up to some options and you can see what they have to offer. Most clubs are subscriptions with minimum membership requirements and purchase levels and then offer extras on top of that as well. Some clubs let you buy their kits (assuming they haven’t sold out) at a higher price without having to commit to a subscription.

  • Best of Both Worlds by Shimelle Laine: This is not a typical kit “club”. You are not a member. Instead you follow her shopping list at Scrapbook.com (which is updated once a month) and add all the shopping items to your cart. What makes this the best of both worlds is that you can buy coordinated items without thinking about it, and yet if there is something you don’t like you can delete it from your cart. In addition if there are a few other things you need you can add them into your cart since this kit is offered through a full paper crafting online retailer. See my January take on her kit (I build from my own supplies.)
  • Hip Kit Club: This is a typical 12×12 scrapbooking kit club where you get a kit shipped to you once a month. They coordinate a beautiful kit of all the latest scrapbook lines and the kits have a seasonal theme to them most of the year. They also offer large add-on kits of extra products (and cost!). You can also order products without subscribing they just cost more. I’ve used and loved Hip Kit. (See my playlist for unboxings.) But if you are on a budget, this can be expensive. Shipping alone is $9 per month. See a typical kit.
  • The Scrap Room: Is a 12×12 monthly subscription with lots of add ons at lower price points. They use popular new scrapbooking products. Their main kit is called the “Flavors of the Month kit” and they actually send you 4 mini-kits each month. Each small kit is enough to create a couple of scrapbook layouts depending on your layering style. This seems to be the best priced full-size scrapping kit around.
  • Felicity Jane: I don’t know much about this club but they do offer a 12×12 kit and their products are exclusive to their company. You can also order products without subscribing; they just cost more.
  • SCT Sampler Kit: This kit is put out by the Scrapbook and Cards Today – thus, SCT – magazine. This is a kit of samples of current market supplies. You get about 12 6×6 sheets of paper, partial packs of embellishments and one re-useable supply such as a stamp set or an embossing folder. This kit is great for card makers, travelers notebooks, pocket pages, daily journals and scrapbookers. They have 3-, 6-, or 12-month options with the latter being only $14 a month including shipping. This is a huge bargain. But, if you are a 12×12 scrapper you will need some tips on converting 6×6 papers to large size. I offer tips on how to do that on my YouTube playlist for these kits. I love these and would recommend them. I think they are also great for new crafters to help build up a supply of products. Keep in mind though, if you don’t have some common craft items already like stamping inks and especially a manual die cut machine (needed for embossing folders and metal dies) then the extra re-useable item may not be useful to you.

There are certainly other paper crafting kits out there. Since I am a 12×12 scrapper that is the realm I know the most about. The 12×12 size has been joined by other sizes & styles such a pocket pages and travelers notebooks. Kits for those sizes have become more popular for several reasons that I won’t go into detail about. But one of the reasons is smaller sized product means easier shipping & lower shipping costs.

So that is my quick take on scrapbook kits. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Welcome February

A new month means kit building time for me. As I’ve mentioned for 2021 I am playing along with two kit “projects” each month. The first is a project called Best of Both Worlds (or BOBW) offered by Shimelle Laine. The second is the Counterfeit Kit Challenge where we take a pre-existing kit and counterfeit it with our own supplies. So let’s take a look at both these scrapbooking kit builds.

Kit #1 was from the BOBW project. Shimelle’s sets up a shopping list for you. If you don’t feel like building your own kits you can just shop her list. The beauty of it being a list is that you can pick and choose from the items. Already own something. Leave it off the list. Need more of something? Add it on. Want something entirely different to throw in the mix? You can do that too. Or if you are like me and have plenty of supplies on hand you can use her list as inspiration for your own Kit.

This time around elements of her list that popped out at me were navy, pink, black & white elements, some gold & iridescent shine, hearts for Valentine’s day, stripes, and finally nature elements & florals. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? But here is how it all came together. (And a bonus? I am creating a heart-filled background cut file that will be posted here soon!)

Pattern Papers

For Kit # 2, some elements from the first kit were repeated as February features many hearts. But I did make some decisions to keep these kits from looking too much the same. This kit features plenty of woodgrains as well as silver shine. The silver was a shift from the inspiration kit’s gold elements. And while you will see some gold in my embellishments, I am altering those to turn them silver. Along with a few more nature elements in this one of birds and foliage I supported those elements more by including more green pattern papers. I also added neutral ribbons & fibers and plenty of small embellishments for sprinkling. If you watch the video you’ll even see how I created some of my own embellishments!

Pattern Papers

If you enjoy kit building — or are learning how — I hope you enjoy my take on this process.

Best of Both Worlds, Jan ’21

The wonderful Shimelle shares her crafty mind with us in the Best of Both Worlds project where she designs a scrapbook kit and you can – or NOT – shop her link and pick up any goodies you may like from the kit. Or you can do as I do and shop your own shelves. I include a mix of some new, but mostly older product that I have acquired in my crafty stash.

You can see how I interpret the items that Shimelle chooses by watching my video.

And if you want Shimelle’s personal take, please visit her Facebook video.

And if you want to see my first use of that foil product, but process video shows a different type of technique for using stamps & foiling on your project.

Go enjoy creating (or buying?) a lovely kit and playing along. (Just a note, Shimelle’s shopping link changes over to the NEXT month’s project pretty soon after the current month gets under way. So if you are seeing products you don’t recognize, that is likely why. Follow Shimelle on to stay up to date with her fresh link.)

Counterfeit Kit Challenge, Jan ’21

Welcome to another month’s inspiration from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and facebook group.

This time around we have a sold-out kit from the Not Just for Boys Kit Club called Flurries.

Image from the Not Just for Boys Kit Club called Flurries.

As a kit for our January inspiration it features snowy images, icons and colors, as well as soothing woodgrains and winter animals. Since my part of the world is not often snowy (though I wish very hard every year for a good snow!) the snow images were not calling to me. So here is how I tackled this challenge.

My theme centered around a cozy feel rather than specifically snow and I included some weather related imagery just in case. And if we don’t get snow, I have the option of rain icons, which we get plenty and plenty and plenty of.

Here are just a few detail photos for a quick peek at what I included. Only the 5 left side pattern papers (and the cardstock) are full sheets, the others are partial sheets from my scrap supplies.


I’ll be back later in the month with process video using this kit. Now go create your own cozy kit to play with!

Christmas layout ideas

Christmas is on the horizon and I’m busy planning for the holiday. I realized that I had photos from last year hanging around that I hadn’t scrapped yet. So why not tackle those now and share some tips and tricks with you on some festive elements you can add to your Christmas layouts?

In this video I show three ways to use Nuvo drops as embellishments for layouts.
1) Spell out words with the liquid.
2) Create little ornaments to sprinkle around your page.
3) Create frames for photos. (How-to details in the second video)

I love the shine the drops add to this layout. It totally reminds me of frosting on cookies! And that is a bonus tip. You can create some die cut gingerbread or sugar cookie style cutouts and then “frost” them with Nuvo drops!

In that first video I mentioned having already created my frames. In this second video I show you a kit build and then toward the end of the video I feature how to create these frames. Since creating this video I’ve realized that if you create your frames on a nonstick craft sheet instead of parchment then you are likely to get a smoother end result. However the craft sheet can be harder to see through (depending on your brand) and will make working a bit harder.

Vicki Boutin Storyteller Collection

Ok. If you could hear me right now, you’d hear a squee of happiness. I am in LOVE with the Vicki Boutin Storyteller collection. Let me tell you all about it with this video that walk you through most of the collection.

Next up, let me show you how I added some goodies to this already abundant supply to create scrapbooking magic. Included is a tutorial on upcycling fabric into scrapbook embellishments!

And I’ve dug in and created one mixed media layout (so far!!). Check it out.

I’ll be back later with more video goodness.

Deja Vu take 2!

Well here we are in November and that means I got to work on new kit builds for the month. First up I have my kit build based on Shimelle’s Best of Both worlds project. Her inspiration had a definite fall vibe. I didn’t go there. I went directly the the Vicki Boutin Storyteller pieces in her kit and planned my kit based solely on that collection. She what I used in my video.

My second kit for the month is my Counterfeit Kit Club challenge and this is where the Deja Vu comes in yet again. Last’s months CKC challenge used an inspiration piece which was all too familiar with me and I talked about how I approached that kit build here. Well, this month the CKC projects features an inspiration kit that I actually own. So I needed to think outside of the box again. This isn’t a bad thing for me. In fact that is part of what I really love about the CKC challenges. It gets me to look at my supplies differently, which exercises my creative muscles!

Be sure to watch to the end of the video as I show a unique way to use Nuvo drops to create embellishments! (PS I have a template for you if you want to try this technique for yourself. Download it directly right here.)