Counterfeit Kit August 2020

I’ve participated in the Counterfeit Kit Club challenge a couple of times this year and I am really getting into the flow of it. The challenge offers a pre-made kit as inspiration for you to create your own counterfeit kit! Each person is going to draw different ideas and elements from the inspiration and that is the beauty of the process. No two kits will be alike.

Let me show you what I came up with for August.

This kit is filled with teal, pink with just a touch of yellow. I’ve got paper clips, hearts, frames, sequins, wood veneer and flair to add texture. Plus in this kit I created my own faux wax seals! (A YouTube tutorial is coming for that soon, so stay tuned.) I may even do a little bit of brush lettering. Not my strong point, so wish me luck!

So go check out #counterfeitkitchallenge and have fun getting crafty without spending any extra money.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge

I’m taking this challenge for the first time. The basic idea is to mimic a pre-designed kit with supplies you have on hand already. I’ve known about this website for a while. I’ve popped in on occasion to other bloggers’ adventures with their kits. Yet this is the first time I have jumped in. Check out my YouTube episode on how I am beginning my own foray into counterfeiting.

Scrapbooking kit building video.