Mixed Media, Nov ’22

I love a bit of mixed media every now and then. There are two mixed media inspiration groups I play along with once or twice a month. More info on those down at the bottom of the post!

This time around I’m sharing layouts from both groups. First up I played with the Mix It Up Monday group. We had a sketch with plenty of circles. I stretched it to two pages and created a Halloween layout.

You can catch the video if you want to see how I created my circles with masking, spray inks and stamping.

Next up is a layout process with Mixed Media Mayhem. Our inspiration was from Janet Fritz of Galaxy Girl Creations. You can find her at her YouTube channel. My interpretation focused in on the pattern of her mixed media as opposed to any other elements.

And of course I have a process video for that too. This video also includes some experimentation I did with a new-to-me color product.

So if you are inspired to play with mixed media, you can join in on the fun with either group.

  • Piece Craft Love Facebook group offers the Mix It Up Monday challenge (aka MUM) on the second Monday of the month.
  • Mixed Media Mayhem Facebook group is for all the love of mixed media. There is plenty of weekly inspiration over there and a once a month hop that let’s members play along.

Mix It Up Monday Hop

For this month’s participation in the Mix It Up Monday (aka MUM) hop hosted by Piece Craft Love Clubhouse Facebook group. We take a sketch and add in our mixed media touches. This time the sketch is from Lanette Erickson on the Scrap Our Stash blog.

Notice the sketch already has some mixed media qualities to it. I took that idea and expanded on it.

My layout used shimmery spray inks over circle masks to create my circular shapes. I think filled in the circles with some stamped Halloween images. A bit of pattern paper and a few stickers and the layout is good to go.

See all the details in the video!

I hope you will go and check out all the creatives on this hop. Most of them are on YouTube, but we have a couple of Instagrammers joing in too. Find the details below.

Until next time, have an artful day.


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Ink Lifting/ghosting technique

I posted this pic over in my ScrapHappy community group and got some very kind responses. One of my scrappy friends over there happens to be a kind supporter of my YouTube channel and requested I demo the inked card fronts on the left. I was happy for the suggestions and showing it off today with an ever so slight variation.

As you can see I have a different color pallet, circles instead of hearts, a layout instead of a card and a touch of distressing. If you want to see how to give this technique a try you can check out the video

If you want just the very basics, I ink blended a sheet of watercolor paper with a mix of Distress and Oxide inks (Tim Holtz for Ranger), used a stencil to dab a damp sponge trough to reactivate and lift the ink, adding a bit more traditional ink stenciling over the top and finished off with some water spatters. Hope you are inspired to give this technique a try.

Gentle Watercolor

The idea of watercoloring can stress some people out. It doesn’t have to be that scary! This layout shows a few very simple watercolor techniques that can be easy, even for newbies.

All the details are up in the video below so if you want to know more, you can check it out. For the quick version:

  • The journal spots are created with circles of very lightly tinted paint and then more concentrated color dropped into the middle while the paint is still wet. This creates a halo effect for the spots.
  • For the title I penciled in straight lines with a ruler, penciled in my letters and then use the edge of a wide flat brush to trace the letters. Be sure to pencil lightly so the marks don’t show later.
  • The “washi” strips at the top, as I call them, were created with a glazing technique. Paint a strip of color; i purposely made the edges look torn. Dry that color!! Then paint another color slightly overlapping the first. Repeat until you have the number of strips you want. I varied the width and length of my strips for more detail.
  • The target spot was more complicated and I’m not fully happy with it. But you could do a simple version just by dragging the full edge of a wide flat brush around a circle. I suggest tracing something circular first in pencil to get a nice straight line. I didn’t do that an my circle is a bit wonky.

Hope this inspires you to get painty. Have an artful day!

Mixed Media Friday

My month almost always wraps up with a mixed media layout as I play along with the free Mixed Media Frenzy Facebook group and join in the monthly membership hop. We typically work with some form of inspiration to inform our projects. Lately we’ve been scraplifing other talented scrapbookers!

Check out the inspiration photo on the left and my take on the right…

Since my printer was misbehaving (well actually it was user error, sigh) I did not have photos to include when I photographed my project. But you can see the place holders where I included two photos instead of the single in the inspiration.

As always I have a YouTube video sharing how I approached my take on this inspiration. And since it is a hop, do find the show description and hop over to all the other creators.

Adapt scrapbook sketches to cards

It is free sketch time!

I’ve got a new 12×12 scrapbook layout sketch up for you here on the blog. Normally I’d use this sketch to show you a take on it for a layout, but a few things happened that made me take this sketch into a card making direction instead.

  1. I’ve already done a process video for this sketch. (In fact I based the sketch off of this project to begin with!)
  2. I created that project as a scraplift of myself from several years ago
  3. I wanted to do something different.
  4. I took a card making class recently and was feeling inspired to make cards!

Thus this adaptation was born. First let’s take a look at the sketch and the supporting layouts that inspired this sketch.

So here is the sketch you can download it directly here in a photoshop format or a printable pdf format or you can head to the Freebies tab above to see this and many more sketches available for download. This sketch came out of the layout below that I created for the ScrapHappy.org membership group blog post.

And in turn this layout was scraplifted from myself. I made the original layout below many years ago and it has remained one of my favorites.

And here is the layout process for the most recent project.

With that out of the way I wanted to move on to another project… adapting this sketch to card making. I used the same idea of angles, but inked and stamped them instead of using paper. I repeated the greeting instead of using three photos and I embellished with smaller items instead of layered clusters. And just like that, a card is born! Hope you enjoy a view of these cards and the products used are listed below.

Mixed Media Hop, 8/21

I’m back with the August ’21 Mixed Media Frenzy YouTube hop. The final Friday of each month the group invites all members to participate in a community hop. If you want to join in the fun, visit their Facebook group for inspiration and interaction. We were scrap lifting the image below, created by the very talented Missy Whidden. If you haven’t seen her videos I highly recommend them. She has so much patience for layering details onto her projects!

I had fun playing with plenty of ink (as paint!), stamps, and die cuts for my own interpretation. You’ll notice the photo is very fuzzy. That isn’t you, or my graphic, it is actually how the picture was taken! I was on my first kayak trip and my phone/camera was in a ziplock to keep it dry. I was too nervous about dropping it in the water to take it out of the ziplock. But do I let a bad photo stop me from scrapbooking? Never!

Check out the entire process over on my YouTube episode. And remember this is a hop! The video description box will lead you to each creator playing along. Check them all out and leave them all some love.

Forgery time!

One of the projects I love over at CKC is the Forgery on the 4th. This lets us get creative and really see what we can make happen with our supplies. The more we create the simpler our crafty room stash can become as we turn back to some basic supplies.

Today I’m recreating a sheeter of pattern paper with flowing bursts of rich color.

And here is how it came out? What do you think? Personally I’m super pleased. I will tell you honestly when things aren’t working and this time around I am just plain happy with how things came out!

It really is hard to capture this process in words, so watching the video is going to give you the most helpful tips.

Watercoloring with stencils

I played along with the Mixed Media Frenzy group YouTube hop again this month. I’ve shared the whole process over on my channel. But if you want some quick tips on using stencils to get a watercolor look I can set you up with some photos here.

First off, my paper was prepped with gesso. This helps ink release and allows these effects to work to the fullest. For the coloring, I used layering stencils from Pink Fresh studio (available for purchase here). For each layer I used simple, different tips to create watercolor effects.

Layer One. Lightest color. Stencil on color. Give a hearty mist of water and tip paper to drip. This will eliminate most of the form of your stenciling and just leave a haze. You can always add detail back in with more stenciling. It is hard to see but there is a haze of color in the background.

Layer Two. Mid tone color. Stencil and give a gentle spritz with water. This will just fuzz out the images. Notice the largest leaf is all blurry?

Layer Three. First flowers. Stencil. Use a watercolor brush to paint over the image with just a little clean water. Stroke outside the lines of the image just a little. This gives a flowy watercolor look. I did add back more detail and depth with a light re-stenciling exactly over the same spots. Can you see the back layer of the flower has jagged edges and a lighter color? The front layer has crisper edges and richer color from the extra stencil work. When you know these little tricks you can get LOTS of dimension and interest.

Layer Four. Accent flowers. Stencil. Use paintbrush to just touch a spot of water to center. This pushes pigment out towards the edge of the image for a gradient look. Really look at those yellow flowers to see how the color changes across the image.

Layer Five. Final foliage layer in darkest shade. Stencil. Wet entire image with a watercolor brush, much like for the flowers. Except this time dab up excess water and ink with a tissue to really tone back the image. Don’t dab up all the water and ink or it’ll be like you didn’t do anything at all. Just a quick tap with the tissue will leave a “splotchy” image that adds texture more than anything. See how only parts of the leaves are fully clear? That adds a lot of texture.

Top off your new painting with some pen work to give just a touch of details and you now have a pretty watercolored background painting and you don’t have to know how to draw a single thing!

Feature Friday

The first Friday of the month I pull out some type of crafty product and play with it. I show at least 10 ways to put that product to use. Here is a look at that video. And if you want the short and sweet version, you can see the photo gallery bellow. But trust me, some of these techniques you’ll want to see in action, like the inked circles with dripping.

Remember when viewing a gallery you can click on each image to see the full version. The gallery view does cut off some sides of the images and you may miss something important if you don’t see the whole picture!

Do you have a favorite? Let me know! Want me to show something you’ve been curious about? Let me know?

Until next time, have an artful day.