Scrap BACKWARDS! March ’22

If you have spent any time at all with me here on the blog or over on my YouTube channel, then you know that I like scrapbooking kits. The Scrap Backwards facebook group (totally free inspiration group) has their own twist on approaching scrapbook kits. They start with an older supply, often something that has been left neglected because of difficulty using it, or it being not a favorite item. Then they build a kit around that specific supply. In this way, the group is very much a stash busting process. Yet it can be made fresh by tucking in favorite new supplies as well.

The photos come very last in the process and that is why it is called scrap backwards. So many crafters often start with the photos and pull supplies to match that. Since we end with the photos, this process is also a process in letting go… letting go of the perfect product, the perfect color palette, the perfect embellishment. When we let go of the just right, it frees us up to tell more stories. We don’t waste time hemming and hawing over what will be perfect. We put somethings together, learn from what we liked and didn’t like, and move on to the next project.

This month I started with the embellishment pack on the left. I love the pack, but the color palette has been a challenge for me. So I pulled the set of brads next. It has the reds and blacks, but pulls in some other colors to work with as well. Since I had an expanded color palette I could now pull in papers and a few other goodies. Pulling in orange washi tape, which is a color I avoid, challenged me to use up that supply that has been hanging round in my space.

You can catch more details in my video.

So far with this mini kit I’ve created just one layout. I’ll update things here if/when I get more layouts done.

I hope you are inspired to check out this group and do your own backwards scrapping.

CKC Challenge #2

It is time for the second challenge over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. Our hostess for the month, Tara was inspired by pattern paper in the inspiration kit she chose. First off, lets take a look at the whole kit from Citrus Twist Kit from March 2020 called Life Crafted, Weekender.

Now let’s check out that pattern paper. That piece down on the bottom left says “happy happy happy” all over it. And so that is our challenge. Scrap about something that makes you happy! Easy peasy.

What is making me the most happy right now is that my girls are back to their theater life after covid restrictions and delays. That is making us ALL happy!

You can hear (and see) more in the video.

And here is the final layout and a few closeups.

I hope you can scrap what makes you happy!

Life Unfiltered. Seriously.

It is challenge time over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. Our hostess for the month, Tara was inspired by an ephemera piece in the inspiration kit she chose. First off, lets take a look at the whole kit from Citrus Twist Kit from March 2020 called Life Crafted, Weekender.

Now let’s zoom in to one piece in particular. See the label that says “no filter needed”. Tara wants us to use this idea to tell stories of “your life unfiltered… the beauty in the mess of real life.”

Challenge accepted. Big time.

These are many photos over the past 15 years that I filtered out of my storytelling. They were all ugly to me for one reason or another. In fact sharing them on the internet has been a cringe inducing challenge. But here they are, totally unfiltered. I chose each one for a tiny bit of story it could tell. Since I didn’t have enough room to add journaling labels to each photo, I went old school and just scribbled all over them.

I asked this question in my YouTube video and I’ll ask again here: What do you do with bad photos? Do you chuck them right away? Save them? Scrap them??? Let me know in the comments!

And speaking of videos, here is the full process video.

I hope you can check out the other designers takes on this challenge! Don’t forget to show off your stuff over on the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram @counterfeitkitchallenge or use #counterfeitkitchallenge. We love to see your work!

Ink Lifting/ghosting technique

I posted this pic over in my ScrapHappy community group and got some very kind responses. One of my scrappy friends over there happens to be a kind supporter of my YouTube channel and requested I demo the inked card fronts on the left. I was happy for the suggestions and showing it off today with an ever so slight variation.

As you can see I have a different color pallet, circles instead of hearts, a layout instead of a card and a touch of distressing. If you want to see how to give this technique a try you can check out the video

If you want just the very basics, I ink blended a sheet of watercolor paper with a mix of Distress and Oxide inks (Tim Holtz for Ranger), used a stencil to dab a damp sponge trough to reactivate and lift the ink, adding a bit more traditional ink stenciling over the top and finished off with some water spatters. Hope you are inspired to give this technique a try.

Gentle Watercolor

The idea of watercoloring can stress some people out. It doesn’t have to be that scary! This layout shows a few very simple watercolor techniques that can be easy, even for newbies.

All the details are up in the video below so if you want to know more, you can check it out. For the quick version:

  • The journal spots are created with circles of very lightly tinted paint and then more concentrated color dropped into the middle while the paint is still wet. This creates a halo effect for the spots.
  • For the title I penciled in straight lines with a ruler, penciled in my letters and then use the edge of a wide flat brush to trace the letters. Be sure to pencil lightly so the marks don’t show later.
  • The “washi” strips at the top, as I call them, were created with a glazing technique. Paint a strip of color; i purposely made the edges look torn. Dry that color!! Then paint another color slightly overlapping the first. Repeat until you have the number of strips you want. I varied the width and length of my strips for more detail.
  • The target spot was more complicated and I’m not fully happy with it. But you could do a simple version just by dragging the full edge of a wide flat brush around a circle. I suggest tracing something circular first in pencil to get a nice straight line. I didn’t do that an my circle is a bit wonky.

Hope this inspires you to get painty. Have an artful day!

February Round Up

February was a LOAD month. Don’t know what that means? It stands for LayOut A Day and it is a challenge offered over at While it is included in the membership there, you can also join the LOAD just for the month. Next LOAD is in May if you get inspired to hop in.

Creating a layout a day for a month can be very busy, but it is also exciting and the community surrounding this project is the best! Let’s take a look at the things I made for LOAD.

Week 1:

From the layouts I can illustrate several ways I make it through a month of scrapping every day. I can use simpler designs, turn to the Project Life App on my phone, and even use base pages I created at scrap events/class. Those ones just need my photos, my story and my finishing touches to call them complete.

On to week 2:

Sometimes I do have the time to make layouts that make my heart so happy. Then getting to share that with other’s who love scrapping, makes it that much more special.

Week 3:

Sometimes I’ll try new things, like full digi. I’m still slow at it as I have big ideas and getting those ideas to work always takes longer than I expect. But it is easy to do digi on the laptop while sitting on the couch “watching” a show with my hubby. That way I’m not always squirreled away in the basement.

Week 4:

Besides LOAD I did have a few other projects going on. Most of them were for my YouTube channel, but if you missed them over there, I’ll show them here. I’ll admit that the first one here is not my favorite at all, but that happens sometimes.

CKC, Challenge #1 for Feb ’22

It is time for the first challenge of the month over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge. This time around we are tasked to tell a love story — and it does NOT have to be romantic. Any love story will do.

First off our kit build was inspired by the Denim & Blush Modern Memory Keeping Kit from Coca Daisy for Feb 2021.

The first part of my kit build can be seen here. This project however uses my fifth CKC mini/page kit for this month!

I’ve decided to tell the story of how my son and I share a love of coffee and how that leads us to show our love for each other. (He doesn’t like to be on social media so I’ve covered him up. That is how it goes!)

You can follow along with my process in my video.

Do you plan on playing along with this challenge? If so, please share with us over on the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram @counterfeitkitchallenge or use #counterfeitkitchallenge. We love to see your work!

Freebie Friday is here again

I love learning, creating and sharing. That is why I offer freebies up to you each month. I have both a layout sketch (in printable pdf as well as editable psd) and an electronic cut file (in svg). This month I was inspired by Valentine’s Day, and especially the photo below. I wanted something romantic but not overly sweet to highlight this moment with my husband.

So this is what I came up with…

The stripy heart is just my favorite! Since I hate backing cut files I usually include the cutable fill-in pieces to save you hassle. You can see how I put it to use on this layout (although, small confession, I did back the file by hand. Go figure!)

I’m pretty honest when I love or dislike something I’ve created. This time I am in love. Those stripes filled with the mix of bright and chill patterns… oh my. Do you even get giddy with one of your creations?

So I went on to produce my sketch for the month from this layout. Here is a closer look at the sketch.

And as usual if you want the full detailed version I have that for you in my release video

Now if you want to get your hands on these freebies I have all the links for you right here.

Download the pdf sketch here, the psd version here, the cut file here or, head over to my Freebies Page to peruse the catalog of files I have offered in the past. And if you have any ideas for sketch or cut files, I’d love to hear your ideas. I can’t make promises but I can take suggestions!

Mixed Media Friday

My month almost always wraps up with a mixed media layout as I play along with the free Mixed Media Frenzy Facebook group and join in the monthly membership hop. We typically work with some form of inspiration to inform our projects. Lately we’ve been scraplifing other talented scrapbookers!

Check out the inspiration photo on the left and my take on the right…

Since my printer was misbehaving (well actually it was user error, sigh) I did not have photos to include when I photographed my project. But you can see the place holders where I included two photos instead of the single in the inspiration.

As always I have a YouTube video sharing how I approached my take on this inspiration. And since it is a hop, do find the show description and hop over to all the other creators.

Freebie Friday!

I revealed my freebies for this month over on YouTube, but failed to write up my post here. So here is the quick version…

This month’s sketch was based on a layout I shared on YouTube earlier when I did my SCT Sampler Kit unboxing.

For the cut file, I haven’t had a chance to use up my pieces on a project, but the video shows how they all turned out, as well as some tips on cutting intricate files. Here I cut them out of cardstock, vellum and silver mirror paper.

Download the sketch here, the cut file here or, head over to my Freebies Page to peruse all the files I have to offer.