New Pinkfresh

A couple of weeks ago I shared an unboxing of the two new Pinkfresh scrapbooking lines over on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen that, you can go check it out. Today I’m sharing the first layout using the Happy Heart line from that new release.

I was really pleased with how this layout turned out! Take a look at the closeups.

Not only is it a lovely layout, but it was super fast to pull together! I’m a fan of Pinkfresh products and I’m happy to share my love. I hope you’ll check them out if you aren’t already a fan.

It’s Challenge #1 time over at CKC

It is challenge time over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. Our hostess for the month, Lisa was inspired by an the date this challenge goes live. When she looked up “on this day in history” she discovered that Disneyland Paris (called Euro Disney when at first) opened its doors to the public on 12th April 1992. First off, lets take a look at the whole kit from Papers and Beyond called Follow Your Bliss.

Now let’s talk challenge. The idea here is to be inspired by Disney in some way. I went with the fairy tales aspect since I’m not a entrenched Disney fan (I like it fine and was a fan as a kid, but it doesn’t sit on a high shelf in my life). Right now I am reading a book that is filled with the fairy tales a grandmother tells her young granddaughter to teach her life lessons. However, this layout is about more than just this one book; it is about how I found this author and what I enjoy about his writing.

The journaling tag tucks behind the “My Happy Place” title card and actually covers up that gnome embellishment. It is a bit of a surprise to find that guy back there when the journaling is pulled out. You can see all the layout creation details below.

And here are a couple of closeups.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and think outside the box if you are not Disney inclined! Don’t forget to show off your stuff over on the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram @counterfeitkitchallenge or use #counterfeitkitchallenge

3 Products, 3 Card Designs

I’m hoping to help you expand the usefulness of some of your supplies. Today I’m using just 3 main products to create three different card designs. We’ll look at a few tips and tricks to expand the use of layered stencils and background dies. In fact I’ll confess, I only own one cover plate/background die!

Now, I’m going to show you some Easter cards today, but I want you to keep in mind that simple changes can turn these cards into just about any occasion. You’ll get the most tips and details from the video, but I’ll share the basics below.

For the embossing powder, it was used to:

  • As a basic stamped greeting
  • Edge the card front
  • Edge card elements (eggs in upper card)
  • Added as focal point accents (flower centers)
  • Create a focal point texture piece

The stencil was featured by:

  • Using a portion to create a “die cut” focal
  • Using it to decorate other elements (the eggs)
  • Using it in portions to decorate the background.

The cover plate die was also used in three ways:

  • As intended, as a background layer. The tone on tone gives it a special tone.
  • As a dry embossing texture (the video covers this technique!)
  • As a dry + heat embossing focal piece

I hope you found some interesting ways to stretch your supplies! I’d love to hear the ways you enjoy using background dies, stencils or embossing powders in your crafting.

Washi Tape review

I was contacted by a company called with an opportunity to review washi tape for them. They discovered me via my YouTube channel and reached out to me as a way to help promote their young company. After looking over their website I decided I would do the review for them. The did send me a free pack of washi to use for the review; though I will readily admit that the several hours it took me to create and then edit the video comes no where near to actual compensation! I did it because the company claims some philosophy that resonated with me: art as therapy, production of produsts with a zero waste mindset and connecting community. I know anyone can say anything they want on the internet, so I hope these philosophies hold true.

I’ll give you just the gist here, but the video goes into more details. I was generally satisfied with my product thought there was some stickiness inconsistency. Really that is the whole story! So take a look at some photos of everything.

When using this washi as I normally would it all worked out nicely. It was easy to lift and move early on in creating (there was some residue left if I waited until later to move it). I was able to write on it. I could punch through it to create embellishments. All in all it was nice to work with. And the patterns on some of the pieces were designed to line up so that you could get continuous pattern if you applied the tape in adjacent rows. Nice!

Grabbie has some other interesting products that I’m going to check out. Perhaps you want to check them out as well.

Unboxing Pinkfresh Studio’s newest scrapbooking paper lines

As soon as I saw that Pinkfresh has new paper lines dropping, I went and ordered. I love the clean and graphic design combined with simple florals. Plus their color palettes are always pleasing. Since I bought most of the supplies in these lines — sadly some things were already sold out by the time I had a chance to order!! —I thought I would do an unboxing video. I also ordered a few other goodies to bulk up some gaps in my stash, so this video has a bit of a haul aspect to it as well. Hope you enjoy getting a closer look at the new goodies!

Crop & Create Delivered Show & Tell

Oh what a weekend I had a couple of weekends ago. I am a fan of taking classes and the crafty events from Crop & Create Delivered by SCT Magazine are so jam packed that it is hard to get everything done. That stresses some people out, but for me I’d rather get so much for my money that I have things to continue working on! In fact these aren’t all the cards I made. I still have a few classes I’m working on.

The best part? My kids (if you can call a 20yo and a 15yo kids anymore) joined me on Friday for making cards. They chose a specific class… that 6th photo with the flowers & bees. Oh my did we have such a good time. If you get past all these fun cards, there are more below of what the kids made. There is even a very fun and silly take on the bees. So don’t miss that!

Okay I told you there would be more cards. These are the ones that my kids made.



You made it this far and I promised you a fun & silly card. While this isn’t the most stunning photo, pay attention to the theme of this card!

She made this one as part of a batch of bees cards she made.

She even asked why we don’t craft more together. Heart officially melted!

If you want to get in on these classes, the next event will be in the fall and registration opens up in May. So check out the details… Crop & Create Delivered by SCT

Forgery on the Fourth, April ’22

As a design team member over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge group I play along with as many of our monthly inspiration challenges as I can. The FOF — Forgery on the Fourth — project is definitely one I enjoy! I like getting creative to create my own embellishments. So let’s go ahead and dive in to what I have for you this month.

We are working with this kit from Papers and Beyond called Follow Your Bliss as our inspiration.

Did you notice the wood rimmed button flair in that kit? Well that is where I got my idea.

You can see how I went about creating my forgery in video form, or keep reading for the quick photo version.

I’ve done this technique before in this DIY embellishment video, but at the time I was mimicking metal brad flairs. That technique totally translated into this technique. I used a 1/2 inch punch and a 3/4 inch punch to create rings. The top layer is the decorative layer and the three solid colors are the thickness/filler layers to create depth and texture. Finally, the large punch was used to create solid base circles. With the smaller punch I punched images out of scraps of patterned paper. Then it was just a matter of layering them all up.

I did choose to top them off with a layer of Nuvo drops in clear for that domed flair effect, but that is optional. If you do the Nuvo, let them dry over night.

That is it! While it took a little bit of time, it wasn’t hard to create these little embellishments. Next time I may speed up the process by creating cut files in the Cricut to do all the circle & ring cutting for me. That way I could also get thinner rings as well. That would make them more button-like. So, while these aren’t exact replicas of wood button flair, I really like how the came out!

Of course the CKC blog has more forgery examples to check out. I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can create forgeries of your favorite products with supplies you already have on hand. Don’t forget to show off your stuff over on the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram @counterfeitkitchallenge or use #counterfeitkitchallenge.

CKC Kit Build April ’22

I love kit building and I am on the design team for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge project. We take an inspiration kit each month and proceed to replicate it, or as we say, counterfeit it. This is a free, friendly group that helps inspire you to use up supplies you already own. We are not about needing to buy the latest and greatest thing (though we won’t stop you if you enjoy new crafty goodies😉 ).

Our fearless leader, Lisa Hausmann, is our kit hostess for April. She chose a kit from Papers and Beyond called Follow Your Bliss. We are also welcoming Helen (DeRam) as our Guest Designer. She can be found on Instagram. Be sure to give her some love over there!

Here are just a few more detailed photos of what this kit has on offer.

This kit is loaded with Jen Hadfield and Vicki Boutin products. As I am a fan of both designers I happen to own a chunk of their work. So, taking in all this inspiration, and the fact that I have some of these designer’s paper lines, here is the kit I came up with.

The top row of papers come directly from the kit inspiration. The lemon paper replaced the bird paper, but if you look at the Jen Hadfield sticker sheet, there are lemons in there! The second row of paper are extras that I was inspired to add. The cups are a nod to the food theme in the Jen Hadfield stickers. The critters are in line with some Easter thinking. The gnomes go along with an icon on the Vicki Boutin ephemera that I added. And the shirts are there for the home theme that emerged from the Jen Hadfield supplies.

The embellishments started with a Jen Hadfield cut-apart sheet, much like the one in the inspiration papers. And I added in gold phrases, and Vicki Boutin die cuts. Plus birds, butterflies and feathers from many of the icons made for great embellies. I chose those in wood veneer inspired by the wood buttons. I also added corrugated cardstock for more wood vibe. I needed more texture so in with the twines. As I bonus I had that washi tape sitting on my desk from my recent washi review so I tucked that in as well. Add some alphas and the kit is complete.

You can hear my thoughts that went into all the choices I made for this kit in my video. There is also a sneak in there about what I have coming for the Forgery on the Fourth project.

I hope you can follow along with the other designers and see how the interpreted their kits.

Here’s the full hop link list

Have fun kit building and don’t forget to show off your stuff over on the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram @counterfeitkitchallenge or use #counterfeitkitchallenge.

Freebie Friday, March 2022

It is that time once again! I love learning, creating and sharing. That is why I offer freebies up to you each month. I have both a layout sketch (in printable pdf as well as editable psd) and an electronic cut file (in svg). This month I was inspired by the reawakening of all the plants and they burst into spring (and the sweat and dirt that goes into keeping the garden looking good!!). You can see all the details in my reveal video, or read on for the short version.

Here is a closer look at the sketch and the project I created based on this sketch.

If you are a cut file lover, I’ve got you covered too! My video covers any details for this file and any tips and tricks I have to share. Be sure to get all the info by watching above.

Download the pdf sketch here, the psd version here, the cut file here or, head over to my Freebies Page to peruse the catalog of files I have offered in the past. And if you have any ideas for sketch or cut files, I’d love to hear your ideas. I can’t make promises but I can take suggestions!

Scrap BACKWARDS! March ’22

If you have spent any time at all with me here on the blog or over on my YouTube channel, then you know that I like scrapbooking kits. The Scrap Backwards facebook group (totally free inspiration group) has their own twist on approaching scrapbook kits. They start with an older supply, often something that has been left neglected because of difficulty using it, or it being not a favorite item. Then they build a kit around that specific supply. In this way, the group is very much a stash busting process. Yet it can be made fresh by tucking in favorite new supplies as well.

The photos come very last in the process and that is why it is called scrap backwards. So many crafters often start with the photos and pull supplies to match that. Since we end with the photos, this process is also a process in letting go… letting go of the perfect product, the perfect color palette, the perfect embellishment. When we let go of the just right, it frees us up to tell more stories. We don’t waste time hemming and hawing over what will be perfect. We put somethings together, learn from what we liked and didn’t like, and move on to the next project.

This month I started with the embellishment pack on the left. I love the pack, but the color palette has been a challenge for me. So I pulled the set of brads next. It has the reds and blacks, but pulls in some other colors to work with as well. Since I had an expanded color palette I could now pull in papers and a few other goodies. Pulling in orange washi tape, which is a color I avoid, challenged me to use up that supply that has been hanging round in my space.

You can catch more details in my video.

So far with this mini kit I’ve created just one layout. I’ll update things here if/when I get more layouts done.

I hope you are inspired to check out this group and do your own backwards scrapping.