CKC Kit Build, September ’22

I love kit building and I am on the design team for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge project. We take an inspiration kit each month and proceed to replicate it, or as we say, counterfeit it. This is a free, friendly group that helps inspire you to use up supplies you already own. We are not about needing to buy the latest and greatest thing (though we won’t stop you if you enjoy new crafty goodies😉 ).

Before we dive into kit building, I want to welcome our guest designer for the month, Christine Harden. You can read more about Christine on the kit reveal post over on the CKC Blog. I hope you visit her Instagram and leaver her some love.

Now, on with the show. You can hear all my thoughts on my kit build in this video, or keep reading for the condensed version.

To start, here is our inspiration kit. It is the Wildflower Collection by Traci Reed. I’m a a big Traci Reed fan and I already own much of these supplies. There is a lot more to this collection, but these images give you a taste. I encourage you to go check out her site. And if you aren’t a digital scrapper, don’t be intimidated. I use digital products often in my physical scrapping. Keep reading and you’ll see some of what I mean.

I could have mimicked—counterfeited!—this kit with products off my shelves. But I just plain love this collection and so why reinvent the wheel? I printed out my favorite papers from the paper pack. I do not have a large format printer so I am limited to the 8.5″x11″ (US letter) size. I’m okay with that! I do some scrapping in that size anyway. However, adding in a bit of cardstock is an easy way to get myself up to the standard 12×12 size. I did add in a couple of other papers also. So, my paper selection ended up looking like this.

Embellishments were up next. This month I went a bit over the top! Just remember anything you don’t end up using can always be put away again for another day. I was just so inspired by these products that I wanted to up the ante. I pulled in journaling card stamps & die sets, mixed media supplies in stencils and sprays, twines, enamels, sequins, and the pre-printed “stickers”—I use them as die cuts really—directly from Traci Reed.

There is a tradition over at CKC of titling our kits just like companies do. So I’m calling mine Wild Child for the pure glee I had just piling in the embellishments.

I hope you can follow along with the other designers and see how they interpreted their own kits.

Here’s the full hop link list

Have fun kit building and don’t forget to show off your stuff over on the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram @counterfeitkitchallenge or use #counterfeitkitchallenge.

I’ll be back on the 4th, for our Product Forgeries. Until then, have an artful day!

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