CKC Challenge #2, January 2022

I’m here with my take on CKC’s second challenge for the month, and that is to use a sketch from Master Forger Cindy’s Pinterest board. You can check out the full process video here or read on for the short version 🙂

First up, I chose this sketch…

from CREATE: Issue 7, July 2014

I chose to rotate the sketch sideways and then created a double page layout. I didn’t really change the layout much between the two pages. I did use the two small photos and the tag pocket in the sketch as embellishment clusters and stretched those across both pages to help tie things together. These sort of stretched into the banner cluster as well to become one long horizontal embellishment zone.

So what do you think about sketches? Do you like to stick close to them, or do you like to adjust as you see fit?

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