A little update…

I’ve been quiet here on the blog for a few weeks. It’s not that I haven’t been crafty, in fact it is because I’ve had too many things on my plate and something had to give somewhere. So let me take a few minutes to give a peek into what has been keeping me busy! I hope some of these projects will bring you a little crafty inspiration in some way.

Finishing C&C Projects

First up is a layout I created as part of the Crop & Create event from early October. I still have more layouts partially done, so I’m just sharing this one for now.

Making thank you cards

Next up, teacher thank you cards. I’m so glad for the teachers at my daughter’s alternative school. In fact, I was asked to teach this year and we decided due to our family needs, that the covid situation would not make it work. So… I am extra thankful for her teachers being able to handle this situation. And the school has done a great job with mitigation, so we are all as safe as we can be while still living a full life! I wanted to let them all know that their work is very much appreciated. I had to make 35 of these beauties! Whew!

Distress Ink Class

I love learning things as much as I love sharing things. So, I am often busy with classes of various types. This time I signed up for a Distress Ink class offered by Jenn Shurkus. I have used Distress inks for years but I’m fairly inexperienced with the Oxide inks, so I took that class to learn more about those. But I learned more about other things than I expected. Through trial and error I learned which papers work well for these techniques and which don’t. I have to say that Jenn may have convinced me that the Ranger Heavystock paper is the way to go for inky techniques; it had the most saturated color and the best reactivity with added water. I also experimented with various water-based inks and they were all workable but, again, the Distress is the best. I’m still playing, so I may have more to share on this later.

Holding my Heart… watercolor

Watercolor has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. However producing actual art, rather than abstract mixed media, has always been a calling and a challenge. This watercolor advent calendar has been so peaceful, challenging, and joyful that I just had to share. Oh my, is it stretching me in such good ways. Among other things, I realize I am very heavy handed with my paint and I need to back off quite a bit. Yet with all the things I know aren’t right in my paintings, I am so dang thrilled with the things that are right that I I’m just soaking up the beauty that I am really, truly making!! Of course, having a great teacher in Harriet de Winton, who is offering this event, makes a huge difference for success. You can simply join her YouTube channel, or you can buy the printable advent for a small fee over at Etsy and support her as an artist making a living teaching.

Christmas Cards

This is just as super quick, raw video clip of one batch of Christmas cards that I made. Notice the splotchy, mixed media watercolor look? It combines a couple of the above that I mentioned! I had started my cards long ago but didn’t finish enough, so I made these. And I still need a few more for those who live very close by; so I still have time to make more, right??

December CKC kit progress

If you read my last post you’ll know that CKC this month is doing a advent calendar style kit build this month. Each day is a small prompt to add an item to a kit. By Christmas you should have a full kit of supplies to play with after the hustle of the holiday is over. My kit is all about putting together an art journal kit to use during 2022 instead of a Christmas related project. Here is what I have in my kit so far…

Photo on the left has:

  1. Central Photo sets mood and color scheme.
  2. Left papers are tone-on-tone prints.
  3. Top papers are small motif prints
  4. Right papers are stripes.

Photo on the right has:

  1. Left papers are geometric in nature.
  2. Right papers are medium motif prints. And that heart print is irridescent, so I’m starting to set a shiny metal-esque mood. (Day 1 asked us to choose a metal along with our color scheme, which I ignored. So now I am finding that direction.)

And that wraps up this update. I’ll be back in a week or two with another update for you. Enjoy your December activities as we head closer to the New Year!

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