Welcome December!

Normally on the first of the month I’d have a kit build to share for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge design team. However, December is different over at CKC. In order to take the pressure off during a busy holiday month, the team offers a simpler bit of inspiration. This year we are doing a Crafty Kit Advent Calendar!

The adventure is this: each day there is a prompt offered on the blog to add just a single item to your supplies and by the end of the month you’ll have a complete crafty kit. Over in the Facebook community there is an accompanying image for further ideas & inspiration. So, during this busy time you can take just a 5 minute crafty break from daily life. Now, your kit could be holiday themed, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I’ve decided my kit will not have anything to do with holidays. Instead, I’m going to build a kit of supplies for a weekly art journal to play in for 2022.

So far the only thing in my storage drawer for this kit is the traveler’s notebook that I plan on using for my art journal. I recently enjoyed a traveler’s notebook class that showed how to create a temporary cover for the notebook and I plan on covering it now and again as the mood inspires me.

While I know all the behind the scenes info into this advent kit build, I am really trying to play along in real time. I will find my item each day as the prompt goes public. I do know one thing for sure: my goal is to use mainly scraps and partial products for this kit. I think that will be a great way to clear out some items from overflowing bins and build a pile of supplies that are strictly for play.

If you want to follow what the other design team members and communitiy members are up to with this project, go ahead and join the Facebook community.

Until nextt time, I hope you have a safe and festive December!

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