Forgeries on the Fourth (aka FOF), May ’23

As a design team member over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge group I play along with as many of our monthly inspiration challenges as I can. The Forgery on the Fourth project is definitely one I enjoy! That is where we see a scrap product we like and set out to recreate it with supplies we already own. So let’s go ahead and dive in to what I have for you this month.

We are being inspired by this kit from the Not Just for Boys kit club called Noteworthy. Notice in this picture the “wonky” flowers and the geotags? That is what inspired me this time.

I easily saw how both these items begin as circles. In the case of the geotag, it is a circle atop a triangle shape, much like an ice cream cone. So I created a temple just that shape!

With that template ready to go, I traced it many times on various papers, cut them out then decorated them with stamped circles and arrows much like the inspiration image. (You’ll see the final results in a moment.)

For the florals, I layered up various circle stamps in white pigment ink as well as blue ink, then punched them out with a circle punch. For the leaves, they started as circles too! Once a circle is punched, you place the circle partially back into the same punch and then cut out a “cats eye” shape to create the leaf. This is more understandable if you want to watch the video below. But here is the final pic to see what I mean.

You can see all the details of these builds in the forgery video.

For more creative ideas, the CKC blog has more forgery examples to check out. I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can recreate your favorite products with supplies you already have on hand. Don’t forget to show off your stuff over on the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram @counterfeitkitchallenge or use #counterfeitkitchallenge.

Until next time, have an artful day.

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