Freebie Friday — Storage Box cutfiles!

I love learning, creating and sharing. That is why I offer freebies up to you each month. Usually I offer both a layout sketch and and cut file, however this time around I’m working on a bigger, specific project. I am reorganizing my ink pads and other color products into an up-cycled CD “bookcase”.

Eventually all the colors of ink pads will share shelves with these little organizers for other color products! Since I needed to create many of these organization boxes, I decided to create a cut file and share it with you. (Links to the files below.) The video has all the details on the cut file, but if you don’t own a cutting machine, read on for a manual version of this project.

For the Manual Version

You will need to cut and score your boxes following the guide below. White lines are cutting and blue lines are scoring. The squares are cut slightly smaller than the rectangle to allow for stacking and gluing them into the rectangle. They can also be glued to the ends of the rectangle, or to each other for an array of configuration options (see pics below).

The video has a few tips and tricks to assembling these boxes, but really it is pretty straight forward. Fold along all the score lines. The corners will form little flaps. Tucks those flaps into the box and glue down to the sides of the box. Make however many boxes you need!

Get the Cut Files

I do offer a raw svg file for these cuts. However… in order to use the files with both cutting and scoring properties on a machine, you’d need to do some file manipulation to the svg. I do cover those manipulations in the video. But, if you want to skip the manipulation steps, then use the links below to access the Cricut or Silhouette brand specific files. Sorry, I don’t have access to other machine options; you’ll have to use the svg file and figure out how to manipulate it in your software. The video tells you WHAT to do, just not HOW to do it on all software. All links are right here for your conveniences, or you can pop over to my Freebies Page to see what other goodies I offer.

That is it for this week. I’ll see you all next week. Until then, have an artful day!

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