Mini Kit for CKC

Mini Kit inspiration is one way the Counterfeit Kit Challenge group inspires scrapbookers. If you don’t feel you have the time for a full kit, feel free to go small! We all need quick projects for those busy times. And honestly, some of us are perpetually busy!! Today I’m taking my full size kit and pulling out just a few pieces to go smaller with it. You can see the full kit build here, but I’ll give you and idea of what it is down below as well.

To start, here is our inspiration for building our kits this month. It is the Wildflower Collection by Traci Reed. I loved the color palette and the shoe icons so much in this one.

Here is a quick rundown of my process. From my larger kit (pictured left, center) I pulled out a subset of supplies (pictured right). There are 6 Traci Reed papers (printed at 8.5×11) and just a couple embellishments. What I forgot to photograph in that mini kit were 2 pieces of woodgrain 12×12 cardstock; just know those are in there too. I pulled only the Traci Reed “stickers” in the color palette I was working with: blue, yellow and green. I pulled out one twine and one tube of sequins. That’s it. Pretty mini for sure!

The reason behind this mini kit was to create a “gallery” page of smaller, detail photos from a camping trip to accompany an existing 2-page spread. In fact I have TWO of those existing spreads, one in each kids’ album, that I need “gallery” pages for. Here is a look at the existing spreads. (Click for larger views!)

And here are how my gallery pages turned out.

Now you can see them side-by-side with their companions.

If you want more details, I talk just a bit more about this process, including an easy tip to create the grid to make things line up easier.

There is one other Counterfeit Kit Challenge designer sharing her mini kit as well. If you want to check that out, head over to the CKC blog!

I’ll be back soon with more crafty goodness. Until then, have an artful day!

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