Interactive Layout: Lift-a-flap

I was inspired by 1) the sheet of paper from Pinkfresh studio pictured below and 2) a prompt from the LOAD challenge to tell a story about community. Those two prompts came together to create a very fun interactive layout!

PinkFresh Studio, Life Right Now Collection, “Weekend”

All the little locations on that map paper reminded me of favorite spots in my own town that I wanted to document. I knew I wanted to add lots of little photos to each of those spots. But I didn’t want to cover up all of the fun map paper. What to do?? Create 15 flaps on the page to open up to reveal the photo beneath!

All the details are easiest to see in this video. But I do have some still shots to follow that I try to explain the process.

Page with flaps closed
Page with flaps open

I used a square punch to create a template to trace on my layout. I cut only around three sides of each square to create all the flaps. Once I cut those flaps through my pattern paper I did have to back it with another sheet of paper. That way I would have somewhere to glue my photos and not just lots of holes through my paper! In the process I sandwiched a binding strip in between those papers. This strip has holes punched in it to fit into a ringed album, and it is thick/sturdy enough to stand up to plenty of touching. Since this layout is so very interactive, it can’t slide into a page protector! You can get a better look at the binding strip here.

On the back of the layout I created a pocket with vellum to tuck in about 3 pages of journaling! Yes, I can get wordy, but this IS a layout about an entire town over 20 years of experience!

I hope this project inspired you in some way to tell more stories in your life. If it did spark an idea, leave me a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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