Documenting Covid: Mask mandates

I’m on a journey this year to get more stories in my covid album. I started this album during a Crop & Create event class where we created pocket pages using a calendar set up to document an entire year. I knew that this would be perfect for covid! I did purchase a second set of kit supplies since I knew that covid would last longer than a year!

The most details are outlined in this video

Here is a quick look at the base of my album.

I do have a few independent 12×12 pages in there already. In fact I have this t-page spread about when the mask mandates ended in 2021.

And those pages lead right into this new layout about how the mask mandates returned just a couple of months after ending thanks to the delta variant.

The key to this layout was using newspaper (can they really be called newspapers anymore??) headlines from the internet. I took screen shots of the headlines, sized them all the same and then printed them out on photo paper. I was sure to record the news source and the date as part of the layout flow.

The other piece to this layout was the title I created in Cricut using some of the newest features in the software. One of my biggest complaints about the Cricut has been the wimpy features in the software. Well, that seems to be changing! Here is a tutorial on how I created this title.

As always, I hope this gave you some ideas for your own scrappy life!

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