Washi Tape review

I was contacted by a company called Grabie.cc with an opportunity to review washi tape for them. They discovered me via my YouTube channel and reached out to me as a way to help promote their young company. After looking over their website I decided I would do the review for them. The did send me a free pack of washi to use for the review; though I will readily admit that the several hours it took me to create and then edit the video comes no where near to actual compensation! I did it because the company claims some philosophy that resonated with me: art as therapy, production of produsts with a zero waste mindset and connecting community. I know anyone can say anything they want on the internet, so I hope these philosophies hold true.

I’ll give you just the gist here, but the video goes into more details. I was generally satisfied with my product thought there was some stickiness inconsistency. Really that is the whole story! So take a look at some photos of everything.

When using this washi as I normally would it all worked out nicely. It was easy to lift and move early on in creating (there was some residue left if I waited until later to move it). I was able to write on it. I could punch through it to create embellishments. All in all it was nice to work with. And the patterns on some of the pieces were designed to line up so that you could get continuous pattern if you applied the tape in adjacent rows. Nice!

Grabbie has some other interesting products that I’m going to check out. Perhaps you want to check them out as well.

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