Scrap BACKWARDS! March ’22

If you have spent any time at all with me here on the blog or over on my YouTube channel, then you know that I like scrapbooking kits. The Scrap Backwards facebook group (totally free inspiration group) has their own twist on approaching scrapbook kits. They start with an older supply, often something that has been left neglected because of difficulty using it, or it being not a favorite item. Then they build a kit around that specific supply. In this way, the group is very much a stash busting process. Yet it can be made fresh by tucking in favorite new supplies as well.

The photos come very last in the process and that is why it is called scrap backwards. So many crafters often start with the photos and pull supplies to match that. Since we end with the photos, this process is also a process in letting go… letting go of the perfect product, the perfect color palette, the perfect embellishment. When we let go of the just right, it frees us up to tell more stories. We don’t waste time hemming and hawing over what will be perfect. We put somethings together, learn from what we liked and didn’t like, and move on to the next project.

This month I started with the embellishment pack on the left. I love the pack, but the color palette has been a challenge for me. So I pulled the set of brads next. It has the reds and blacks, but pulls in some other colors to work with as well. Since I had an expanded color palette I could now pull in papers and a few other goodies. Pulling in orange washi tape, which is a color I avoid, challenged me to use up that supply that has been hanging round in my space.

You can catch more details in my video.

So far with this mini kit I’ve created just one layout. I’ll update things here if/when I get more layouts done.

I hope you are inspired to check out this group and do your own backwards scrapping.

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