Shimelle’s BOBW

If you don’t know Shimelle, then you are missing out. This perky scrapbook designer has a depth of knowledge of design principles and shares them in a way that is easy to understand. In the past she would create a scrapbook kit and post it to a shopping site. The beauty of the project is that you didn’t have to buy ANYTHING if you didn’t want to, or you could easily customize the kit to buy. And that is why the project was called Best of Both Worlds or BOBW! You get the best of a designer coordinating products for you as well as the best of customizing to your taste. And zero commitment to any of it.

BOBW is back and I will be playing along and sharing my journey. She reveals her kits on Facebook lives and talks about the next month’s kit. Here is her September reveal and then my take on this kit.

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