Forgery on the 4th

What does that mean you ask? Well, let me tell you! The Counterfeit Kit Challenge group offers ways for you to use up your stash. By giving us an inspiration kit to work from, the challenge lets us all shop our stash and use what we already own to build wonderful kits.

But what if there is a product in the inspiration kit you really wished you had but don’t already own? You can produce a forgery! Let me show you how I forged two items from the inspiration kit.

And here is the short version if you prefer to get your inspiration this way.

Our inspiration comes from the Scrap Room kit club. They offer fun kits that are on the affordable side so if you want to support them, please do! However, if your budget needs an alternative don’t be shy about DIY! Go ahead and mimic the inspiration you see in the world. Here is the inspiration


First up I replicated some wood veneer apples that I really liked from the inspiration kit by layering punched elements of cardstock and wood grain pattern paper. Simple!


Next up I mimicked a sheet of pattern paper by simply stamping & doing a tiny bit of water coloring. It took some time but it wasn’t hard.


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