Trendy Techniques with Gossamer Blue: A CKC class

This class (visit their YouTube description for more information) was sponsored by CKC and as usual, their class kits & print instructions were generous, modern and trendy. I’m happy with the  results of the pages that I came away with but the class format could use some improvement. The class could have been called “spend all your time misting things.” Our class was large and we had to work in groups to take turns with the materials. It took a long time to get through misting all the elements. And that was the end of the trendy techniques, or rather technique.

If you have experience with mist and dripping, then you may want to skip this class. Even though I get misting and use it often, I am still glad I took this class because I wasn’t very familiar with Gossamer Blue as a company and I found I liked their products (loved the printed transparency overlays in gold on one side and silver on the other for color options! And I have plenty leftover to play with).

My take on the top layout: I didn’t have as many photos as the layout so I just used what I had. I think this layout may have been better with the higher number of photos. As is, it is a little too busy for my two photos. But that is okay. I’m happy anyway.

And my take on the bottom layout: For this one I had a huge amount of photos I was trying to squeeze in to one layout and I managed to do it. I took the flag/banner border pieces and drew them together across the layout to create an upper and lower section to fit all these photos. I think the layout works well. But I think the style & color of some of the elements didn’t fit (the woodgrain card? Where does woodgrain fit in ). The misted scallop journal card was particularly unsuccessful. The outlining the scallops with black pen was too overwhelming; I would have left that off and used a lighter misting for a less busy journal card.

So there you go, my thoughts on that class. Watch their video (linked above) and see if you are up for this mist-tacular class.

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