Heart of Gold: A CKC class

The first class I took at the CKC convention this year was Heart of Gold sponsored by CKC and designed by Megan Hoeppner. Megan was also on location teaching this class. I love taking classes with her. As a teacher she is mellow & sweet. She interacts with the class to encourage sharing ideas and ways students like to mix up the kit/class to make it more personal. Plus she has a lovely design sense.

This class focused on a large 12×12 wood veneer heart piece and using it in different ways to spice up pages. We used it as a stencil, as a misting mask and then as an actual page element using varying techniques to dress it up and make it pop.

Below you can see the intended layout designs (from the actual instruction sheet) and what I ended up doing with it. Please do click the class link above to see their YouTube video that shows more of the product you get in class. CKC classes have generous product included, clear instruction sheets, and modern, sophisticated design & techniques.

You can see two layouts here in the instructions. I’ve only finished the first.

I shifted the layout only slightly to make room for one more focal photo and shifted the title. To give a landing place for the title I added some strips of paper that span both pages of the layout.

This was my favorite class. The combination of that unique wood piece and the techniques you can do with it were exciting. And the rest of the product kit was lovely. I recommend this class for sure.

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