CKC Portland

I attend the CKC Scrapbook Convention event each year in Portland, Oregon since it is near enough to me that I don’t need to travel and get a hotel room. That leaves more budget for classes & shopping. This year the event, especially the vendor fair, was very small. It turns out that the Scrapbook Expo was hosting their event at the same time in California and many of the vendors and likely teachers were there instead of here. I was quite disappointed with that. However, I did manage to take some nice classes. Over the next few days I am going to highlight the classes I took and show you what I came away with out of the class. That way you have a better idea if the class is right for you (should you happen to have the chance to take it). Our show starts of the year of conventions so we as students are often the guinea pigs for the teachers to see what is right and wrong with the kit contents, instructions and flow of the class! We get to give tips and suggestions to the teachers so all you later students get a better experience. You’re welcome. 😉

Stay tuned for later posts highlighting those classes. But in the meantime, here are some projects I worked on during the crop time.

Layout 1: For this one I found some selfie photos on my phone that my daughter took of her cosplay (costume/fashion playing for those not in the know). I just couldn’t stop smiling when I found these little gems. So sweet. Tips: print low quality phone photos in a small size and use a grid layout. Extend the page design using vertical and horizontal elements to create flow across the page.

Layout 2: Here we have same daughter and sister getting ready for their first day of “school”. We homeschool but they take classes at a non-profit school for homeschoolers in our area. I had just picked up a 6×6 pad of paper from Authentique called Curiosity. Tip: Messy layer 6×6 papers in the center of the page and top with a couple of prominent photos. Keep the eye focused on the photos by adding border strips of pattern paper to the photos. Top with embellishments with a little pop of color (here yellow) to make just a few, small embellishments have bigger impact. I love pulling simple layouts together quickly.

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