Quick & Sassy Pocket Pages: A CKC class

In this class the approach was simple, spice up some pocket sized cards and use them in some pocket pages. I’m not a pocket scrapper and didn’t pre-register for this class. I ended up adding it because, like I said in an earlier post, the convention was small and the vendor fair didn’t keep me busy between classes. I’ve been keeping pocket page ideas in the background with the thoughts of adapting them to traditional layouts. The reason I don’t like pockets is that the page confines me to specific photo size & orientations and I don’t want that limit. But adapting the pocket products to traditional layouts certainly seems easy and can make scrapping faster to get more stories told. So that is what I did.

But first up, what the class shared…
There were ideas on small embellishments, inking, doodling, journaling tips, hiding elements that don’t fit the theme & still being able to use the cards, storage & organization and of course how to bring them onto traditional 12×12. Of all the classes I took, I am likely to really read the instructions from this one to get those last couple of tips a good look.

And the two layouts that I pulled out of the pockets…

Okay this one I admit I just used up some cardstock base that was leftover so the color isn’t the best fit and I tried to connect it in with a few sequins and one pocket-card of similar tones. It is a stretch, I know, but sometimes you have to put things together and call it done!

(Look closely there is a spider near that sticky note. The overlay reflection certainly didn’t photograph well!)

Of course this being a pocket page class, I didn’t pull the layouts together in class. Instead I spent time at the crop playing with the materials & ideas provided in class to put these together.

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