Weekend update #3

I needed a bunch of thank you cards for my daughter’s birthday party from last weekend. I decided that it is more economical, both in time and money to make smaller cards. So this time I am showing you a set of note cards that measure 4.25 x 5.5 (that is 4 note cards out of a single sheet of letter size cardstock). I left the cards with no sentiment so the extras can be used for any purpose.

Because we are pretty close with all of the party attendees, thank you cards can be a bit redundant. However, I still like the process of having my kids reflect for just a couple of minutes on who gave them what after the whirlwind is all over. It is also a time to think over all the new do-dads and consider why each one is appreciated. I hope this process makes it more than just a pile of loot for them. And of course, I get to make pretty cards; can’t forget to mention that! So here are my pretty cards for you.

white cardstock: Wausau
ink, stamps, vanilla cardstock: Stampin’ Up
dry embossing tools: Sizzix
ribbon: Cream City Ribbon

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