Weekend update #1

I’m going to have a few updates for you this weekend. This first one is a Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger challenge to use the photo above to create some piece of paper goodness. The very first thing that came to my mind was a card. But I decided to think on it a while and go for something different. As my mind worked the flowers began to bring up other associations for me. I landed on the idea of IKEA. Those flowers are funky hip and it reminds me of many things in IKEA. As my mind worked on it some more I thought of all the funky lampshades IKEA has. I wanted to create a lamp shade, but not-a-lamp-shade and I came up with this hanging piece. It is just something to hang in a room to bring it some spunk. I used the Moxie Fab trigger photo both for this indirect inspiration and for the color palette and a big funky flower.

I tried to get some better lighting and photographs for you all, but no such luck. I’m still working on my photo and “studio” lighting so that I could get great pictures of my projects. The orange of the flower really is closer to the color of the ribbon than this photo makes it look. And the glitter edging the flower is a nice green color, not this dull edging it appears. Guess there is always something to work on in life.

I may put this piece along with a second companion piece up on Etsy. Or I may add some other funky decor items and donate them to a silent auction to benefit a homeschool charity. I’m not sure yet. I know they won’t stay with me since this really isn’t my style! LOL. I’m just not a funky, hip girl.  But it is kind of fun to play outside of the box once in a while.

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