New Video

Hey everyone. I’m happy to report that I finally got to making my second video. I was waiting for a data cable to arrive in the mail so I could switch to using my regular video camera instead of the video feature on my still camera. I was hoping the quality would be better. It is a little better but I am still having some trouble with the auto-focus. I’m going to have to play with it some more.

So here is my fun video presenting how I made these sweet cupcakes from a previous post.

One thought on “New Video

  1. Thanks!! This is going to be such a cool way to give jewery or any other small gift!! And I love the interuption! lol I know why I like videos now I must have hit pause and rewind 5 times and over a 24 hr span because of my lil’ darling! lol Videos are the best!! especially for mom with ADD hehe I love this idea and I’m so excited to use it!!


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