Design Team Entry

I just got the results back from a design team I entered and I wasn’t chosen. So now I am free to share the project I made for the entry. I decided to use a card I made for my 16th Anniversary. In entering this contest I wasn’t sure whether I should stick with something similar in style to what I usually see from this company or to go with something a little different. I decided to go with something different. I went with a more elegant mellower look rather than the colorful energetic look I often see. The main reason I did this was a brief mention I heard of wanting the designers to show a different style. After seeing the winning entries I don’t think my approach was a good one! Most of the winners were right up there in the colorful energetic and cute category. I’m sure that is not the only factor for their winning. A huge part of this team I think is the activity level on the blog and facebook page for this company. And that isn’t me right now. I knew I didn’t have a big chance of winning. But I tried anyway!

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