Review: Scrapbook Rewards Credit Card

Today I am telling you about my experience with the Scrapbook Rewards Credit Card. This card began, as far as I know, as an effort by Lisa Bearnson and Creating Keepsakes Magazine. After seeing the credit card info booth at a Creating Keepsakes Convention, I looked up a bit more info and decided to sign up. That was about 5 years ago and I can tell you how it has gone for me.

The actual credit card function has been just fine. However, I have had numerous problems with the rewards system — the main reason for choosing this card in the first place. In the beginning, the website did not work at all for ordering items with points even though it was setup to do so. I always had to call in my order. Even now the website it sketchy. Sometimes my online order will go through and sometimes it won’t. Not only that, but the items listed on the website aren’t always current. Time and time again I have ordered products with my points only to get something different, or in the worst case, nothing at all. I have had to call many times to correct errors in my orders. This has been endlessly frustrating. The biggest problem I had was that somewhere along the way the credit card company changed hands and Creating Keepsakes Magazine changed hands. In all the shuffle one of my missing items never got properly refunded and I lost a large number of points.

I have considered switching credit cards to another rewards type card. But so far I have not found another rewards system that would provide as much benefit. For example I recently orderedĀ  a bunch of items with my points (I tend to save up points and order a bunch at once). I received two scrapbooking how-to books, a pile of flower embellishments and some embossing templates. When I do get my items successfully I really enjoy them.

Final recommendation: If you don’t mind calling in your order and you can have backup items in mind to order should your first choice be unavailable, then this may be a credit card to consider.

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