NSD Challenge 1: Not a scrapbooker

Okay, this one is for some of my friends who may be reading this. Those of you who don’t think you are scrapbookers. I challenge you to do a scrappy thing. Print some 4×6 photos. Make some 4×6 cards out of some pretty paper, any paper. Write some notes on that paper about your photos. Slide them into a photo album that has individual 4×6 photo pockets. Done. Now don’t you feel like a scrapper?

Remember, photos only tell part of the story. Add your words, it makes the story more complete and preserves it for the future. You never know who may look at your photos down the road!

Remember to post your project to your favorite online gallery and leave a comment here with a link to your post. I’d love to see your project!


  • cardstock: from stash
  • journaling tags: Luxe

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