Goals for the year

I don’t do new years resolutions. Instead, when I feel the need, I set goals for myself. It just so happened that around December I decided to set a whole new set of goals for myself. Here I am 2.5 months into the new year and I am looking over what I have set for myself and how things are going. These are goals I have that are not project related goals.

Goal 1: Start a blog. Check! Thanks to my DH who is tremendous tech support, I now have a blog! I am excited to share my ideas and thoughts on my crafty adventures.

Goal 2: Submit some of my work for publication. I am not an amazing scrapper. But I think I have some skill. What could it hurt to submit my work? The worst is that I don’t get published, which I am not now anyway. The best is that I could get in a magazine and who knows where that may lead.

Goal 3: Try out for a design team. Check! I applied for a blogger’s design team (haven’t heard back yet). I won’t say who or what for now. It is a short term position which would work well for my family’s needs. Other design teams seem too intense for me at this point in my life. But, wouldn’t it be exciting to be on a design team? I am still looking into other possibilities that may work for my schedule.

Goal 4: Enter contests (based on skill, not just a “fill out the form” contest). Check (almost)! I am currently working on entering a card making contest. The results will be in in April. After I hear back (or don’t hear back!) I will post the projects I submitted.

Goal 5: Make a bit of a name for myself in the scrapping/card making circle. I don’t need to be famous. I just want to be inspiring! This is a bigger goal that encompasses all of the above. I want to share, teach and be a provider of information. I love reading others ideas and I think I have plenty of ideas to share as well.

Wish me luck with my goals. What are your scrapping goals this year?

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