Need a pocket?

I don’t do many crafty things outside of paper making. But I have tried my hand at knitting (very bad at it) and crochet (fell right into a groove with that one). I crocheted a bunch of flowers just because it was so much fun. I didn’t really have a plan for them at the time. But when I found myself with a problem, the flowers came in handy.

The problem I was having was with my laptop. I wanted a place to store my headphones, reading glasses and Wacom tablet pen all in a place easily accessible to my laptop. I came up with the idea that I needed a pocket to stuff that stuff in. And what better thing to use than an actual pocket!

I cut a back pocket out of a pair of jeans that had holes in them. I left enough extra fabric at the top of the pocket to create a flap to close over the top of the pocket. Then, I figured out how to close the pocket. Those crochet flowers! I sewed a flower onto the lower part of the pocket and sewed a crocheted chain onto the flap of the pocket. Close flap, wrap chain around flower and voila, closing pocket! I used 3M Command strips (I LOVE those things) in the hook-and-loop style to attach my pocket to my laptop. I added a bit of decoration from my scrap stash with a clear button backed by pattern paper. Sweet!

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